Mobile Is Coming

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Have you heard from your ATS Company that mobile apply will come soon?

When do they say you will have it? (2014 or 2015+?) 

When you were promised the last HRIS upgrade, was it on time? How long was the delay? How much did the delay cost?

A recent survey from indicates that most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have between a 40 to 90 percent defection rate.  Ouch…. That is a serious drop-out rate! Imagine what that is costing your company annually.

In a recent post, Google stated that 70 percent of job candidates in 2013 are already searching for jobs on their smartphones and tablets. Facebook attributed 84 percent of its visits to be from Mobile during its last quarter.

Amazing stats…indeed! The problem exists when all those mobile candidates try to fill out an application via their smartphone or tablet. It makes an already lengthy process seem impossible when your ATS is not mobile enabled. Candidates do not have the patience to fight to read and fill out multiple forms sized for the desktop and they simply defect. How long are you willing to make job candidates suffer through a poor mobile apply experience?

How much money are you going to burn waiting for your ATS Company to deliver a candidate mobile apply experience?

A prospect I spoke with recently is spending $8,500 for each LinkedIn recruiting license (and they have five of them!).  That is  $42,500 per annum with LinkedIn.  If you could lower your dropout rate with a better and more efficient mobile apply experience, wouldn’t you want to put 50 percent or more back into your recruiting bank account?

Of course you would!  In this economy, I sense that it would be great for your HR budget. In fact, I bet it would be a feather in your cap as well.

If your current ATS does not have a solid mobile apply solution, you are basically fishing for candidates with holes in your net. The result: a large number of qualified candidates will be invisible to your recruiting efforts.  You will never see all of the applicants or hires that you should be seeing.

Why would any company keep on waiting and waiting for their ATS Company to provide a truly mobile candidate experience? Stop waiting for mobile apply and start listening to your mobile-enabled candidates!

Mobile apply is attainable with SourceMob’s DirectApply or our integrated ATS with Mobile Plug-In.

Would you like to find out how Mobile Apply will help you? Send me an email at or call 612-349-2740 to learn how we can provide you with a better candidate apply experience and dramatically lower your recruiting costs.



Jeffery Giesener