Making the Most From LinkedIn Recruiting Efforts

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Are you using LinkedIn solutions to recruit for talent?

Sadly, many companies are missing opportunities to net additional candidates because they are not optimizing their LinkedIn Company pages, updating their Recruiter Profiles, not using LinkedIn ads or findings ways to generate organic interest within the LinkedIn platform.

Interested to learn how to improve your LinkedIn experience?

What is your strategy to optimize your LinkedIn efforts?

How will you engage with candidates and fill your candidate talent communities using LinkedIn?

4 ways to improve your LinkedIn recruiting efforts…

1) Develop your own HR Company Blog

In addition to your LinkedIn paid recruiting solutions, do you have a HR company blog where you publish educational candidate and employee content frequently like weekly?

Blogging enables your company to have a 2-way conversation with your LinkedIn candidates not to mention candidates and employees in general? Analytics prove that candidates are looking for ways to identify themselves and engage in a conversation with your recruiters. Blogging and answering blog comments are the perfect way to engage with your best candidates (both active and passive).

Also a successful content communication strategy is another key to maximizing your Google job search.

2) Redo your LinkedIn Recruiter Profiles to market your company and recruiters to your target candidates (especially hard-to-find candidates)

Don’t use the standard LinkedIn resume wizard to set up your Personal Profiles. Rewrite your recruiter profiles so you candidates will want to engage with you. Put in your company contact email address. Candidates are not interested in reviewing your recruiter’s job resume. What they do want is “what’s in it for them” copy.

Sprinkle your Profile headline with relevant sourcing keywords. Do the same in your Summary and Experience sections.

Add in recommendations and testimonials.

The goal is use your LinkedIn Personal Profile copy to have candidates directly connect with you. Also remember to add your professional photo and find others to recommend you. All of this will help your candidate conversion.


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3) Create your own Company Group on LinkedIn

Develop your own custom Talent Acquisition Group on LinkedIn. Use it to have your company take a thought leadership position in your industry. Provide specific information to your candidates on topics like

  1. Why work for your company?
  2. Why work in your industry?
  3. Learn about your culture and your leadership and your teams?
  4. Learn about your student recruiting solutions?
  5. Learn about your benefits and much more. Also the use of video is a clever and personal way to connect with both your candidates and employees.

4) Build your HR brand on your LinkedIn Company Page

Does your LinkedIn Company page give your candidates the information they need to want to work for your company? What other content other than job posts can hook your candidates? If you are simply pushing jobs you will need to refocus your strategy and efforts especially if you are spending serious money on LinkedIn Recruiter seat licenses.

Use employee and hiring manager videos to pitch your culture and positions.

After reading the above you may be thinking boy we just don’t have the resources or expertise in house to accomplish all or some of the above. No problem — let SourceMob

LinkedIn Experts help you overcome these resource and expertise challenges as many companies are asking us to provide help in the areas above.

To learn more about how you can improve or optimize your LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions simply contact me at or by phone 952-417-6955 or visit for a virtual chat.

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