Make a Great First Impression the Second Time

by Marvin Wilson

You’ve sent your resume and the accompanying cover letter and you’ve no doubt made a remarkable first impression. Now you think, “It’s a matter of time before someone contacts me about a job interview.”

Oftentimes you’ll be excited about any expectation of getting a return call from an employer.

Stop! Hold up! Wait a minute!

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to answer the phone or shoot off an email just yet.

Why? Because:

  • You may come across as being overly anxious or needy.
  • You may appear to be unprepared and unfocused.
  • You may want to consider what action steps you’ll take next.
  • You may be at work and run the risk of being overheard.
  • You may want to be in the driver seat during your job search.

So, never answer the phone or reply to an email if you are not ready to talk to or communicate with an employer.

Preparation is key.

The time must be right for both you and the employer. This is so important. If you are not prepared, then you may come across as someone who is not smart, intelligent, or capable of performing on the job.

It’s better to talk to an employer when you have planned and prepared your presentation. This way you’ll appear as being prepared and your conversation will reflect it.

In addition, the employer may see you as the intelligent person you are and as the perfect fit for the job and company.

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Original article: “Job Tip #19: Make a Great First Impression the Second Time”