Is your Talent Acquisition ready for 2013?

1)   How are you using social media and mobile for recruiting?

2)   Is your ATS delivering jobs into Facebook and Mobile?

3)   How easy is it for your Candidates to apply using Social and Mobile Media platforms?

After speaking with as many companies as we do, we know companies typically generate applicants from the following sources:

Job Boards

Using their ATS to push jobs into Social Media

LinkedIn and cold calling

Outside Recruiters

Indeed and Simply Hired

Employee Referrals

Does this represent where your candidates typically come from? If it is where is your Social Recruiting Opportunity?

What if you could use more advanced Social and Mobile Recruiting tools that could net you Passive Candidates and lower your Cost Per Hire by 15-25% ? Would this be of interest to you?

Most companies are still using outdated recruiting tools or methods, even if you have recently updated your ATS solutions to include social distribution.

Why? Because Candidates are demanding newer, faster and better recruiting experiences than are currently being delivered today. The speed with which Social and Mobile Recruiting is moving and changing at light speed and has outdated your old or even current recruiting processes faster than you can believe!

Are you looking in your rear view mirror?

Before 2012

Old ATS, No Social Distribution

ATS with add-on social widget


1 out of 6 finds jobs through Social Media

Mobile (13% – 25% of Candidates estimated)

Mobile Career site build

Candidates are on Facebook and Twitter

Relevant and private job alerts

Conversation tools (Calling, IM, Chats)

Saved Recruiter Fees using Social Recruiting

Lessened Quick Quit costs from social referrals

Is your Talent Acquisition ready for 2013?

A lot of companies have recognized this paradigm shift and have moved to social media recruiting (1st generation), but now you need to also recognize the speed of change and move up to even another level, (the 2nd – 3rd generation) to keep up with your Candidates’ Social and Mobile needs and wants.

Analogy: Not too long ago websites were new and novel, but according to today’s standards, in reality, they were simple and constantly in need of updating. Now, after years of generational changes, websites are light years advanced in comparison.

What SourceMob is all about is providing your business with 2nd – 3rd generational Social and Mobile Media Recruitment Solutions today and then to continue as we regularly and seamlessly upgrade them.

What are the SourceMob differences?

Personalized Career Alerts, Mobile Recruiting, Talent Community, Direct Candidate Conversations, Social Referrals, Social CRM, Candidate Campaigns, HR Agency Solutions and end-to-end Business Intelligence.

What is the impact to your Talent Acquisition efforts?

You will solve three key issues…

  • Increase the quality of Candidates
  • Increase the quantity of Candidates
  • A reduction in the Cost per Hire

At SourceMob, we want you to add 2nd-3rd generation Social and Mobile recruiting to your mix of talent acquisition tools because we know and have seen they will work by netting you more and better quality Candidates, while also lowering your Cost Per Hire. We do this for every one of our clients. Plus our Business Intelligence solutions and analytics, we will show you how your business will lower your recruiting costs at a level never experienced before.

Our SourceMob Solutions lower defection rates, higher apply rates and provide a cutting edge brand experience for all of your Candidates. Additionally, you will have the facts to share with your CFO showing your program ROI.

SourceMob’s Social and Mobile Talent Acquisition Suite of Solutions are affordable and are delivered quickly without the need of your IT or HR departments. I guarantee that you will be satisfied and we will put our skin in the game to show you how our solutions will work for your Recruiting needs.

Let’s schedule a virtual appointment at your convenience. Simply reach me by email at or by phone at 612-349-2740.



Jeffery Giesener



Twitter: @sourcemob