Is Your HR Business Addicted?

 HR ideas…Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob

  1. Are you buying keywords for your HR Pay Per Click (PPC) program?
  2. What percentage is your PPC program of your overall online HR campaign budget?
  3. If you stopped doing PPC what would happen do you think would happen to your overall HR campaign success?

These are tough and thoughtful questions for any HR marketer. Why? Because I sense PPC continues to consume more of your HR marketing budget, while you also see a weakening of results year over year. If you haven’t given this consideration recently, read on!

In your overall online HR campaign business, what percentage does PPC take up? Is it 10 percent, 20 percent, 45 percent? Does that exposure to PPC HR marketing make you feel comfortable or does it make you feel exposed?

  • Have you thought about how your business would recover if overnight, you were outbid for your top keywords and your business was no longer on page one or above the fold on Google, Bing or Yahoo?
  • What impact would there be to your HR ad budget plan if this new higher “bid/ask” pricing would send your keywords over the allowable cost-per-hire threshold?
  • What would your business recovery plan entail when all your PPC recruiting failed in an instance?

If you think these scenarios could never be possible, think again. They are a very real possibility and have happened to a HR department we’ve spoken to. As a result, it could happen to you too.

Is your mouth starting to feel dry…stomach feeling queasy? Keep reading, because your business could already be locked into a “PPC Addiction!”

Now that I have your attention, here are some other tough questions to ponder:

  • Are you comfortable with the knowledge that the search engines to which you pay good money also know and are in competition for your top keywords., the same kewords your paying for your candidates to click on?
  • Have you thought about the fact that these search platform companies can trace the “keyword click stream” and track the candidate to both your social and career sites tying all of this business intelligence to the email address of your candidate?
  • Have you thought about the power of these search data repositories and how they can be used against your business?
  • Have you thought about your conversion equation, since you know you are only converting (at best) 10 percent of these keyword candidates?

In just a brief conversation, we can assess the opportunity for your business to tap into Social and Mobile Recruiting and you’ll learn how our other clients increased their quality of candidates, filled their jobs faster and have experienced a lower Cost Per Hire. To have a virtual chat with me simply respond to this email at or give me a call at 952-417-6955.

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