Is your HR budget flat for 2014? …

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Over the last month of presentations I have made, it has become apparent that most companies are either budgeting single-digit HR budget increases or keeping their budgets flat for 2014.

Is this the case for your company?

So what will you do inside of this budgetary environment when you have all the pressure to:

  • Produce more recruiting results?
  • Increase the headcount?
  • Lower your recruiting costs?

My discussions with these companies reminded me of the days when there was never enough money to build better technology but still an insatiable demand by senior management to increase site visitation and lower costs.

So what did we do? Well, with a fine tooth comb, we analyzed the key performance indexes (KPI’s) of our business. We looked at every portion of the business and determined if we had analytic visibility that would enable us to determine where our spends were and their effectiveness in driving visitation and cost per apply and hire.

Do you have the analytic platforms and analysts that can enable you to see where your spending is working and where it is not?

Do you have the analysts watching the “job campaign store” that provide you with weekly performance data (perhaps daily depending on your job spending) to optimize your apply and hire performance?

To overcome the flat to single budget allocation, your team should be looking for and finding the actual money being wasted from the money you are already spending from your current budget.

However, the challenge is being able to see it and fix it. This is where SourceMob provides value to its clients.

Below are two case studies that are on point and, in a short moment, I will make you an offer that I hope you can’t refuse.

Case Study #1.

This client has not added one cent to their hiring budget in the last two years. However, each year they have increased hiring performance. How did they do it? They used SourceMob Social, Talent Community/Campaign Management and Mobile solutions to determine where their spending was working and where it was not.

Using this data provided by SourceMob, they realized that they did not need eight recruiter seat licenses from LinkedIn and reduced it to six. The result? They saved $17,000 a year, or 5% of their total recruiting budget. Additionally, they used the SourceMob Talent Community and Campaign Management Solutions to lessen their recruiters from generating outside recruiting requests and as a result, the company saved outside recruiting commissions by another $50K, or 14% of their overall recruiting budget. The total year one savings was $65,000!  The SourceMob solutions that enabled these savings cost the client $12,000 per year a positive ROI of 5X.

Now wouldn’t you want to be in a position to put these savings back into your budget?

Case Study #2.

This client did not have a candidate mobile apply solution when they first contacted SourceMob. They also did not have analytics that showed how many visitors were coming to their career site or applying from a mobile device.

As part one of a test to prove our value, we did the following: We built their SourceMob, Social, Talent Community/Campaign Manager and Mobile infrastructure along with including their company branding and customization.

We then advised them how to use our solutions in real-time for 60-90 days and mutually reviewed the results. Obviously, all of the SourceMob solutions are completely tracked analytically.

As a result, we were able to show them key performance metrics (which they have never seen before). Metrics such as Career Site Visitation (unique and repeats), Mobile Applies, Referring Sources, Number of Opens, Job Posting Views, Total Applies and Cost of Applies. This established the baseline of the program.

We then mobile enabled the candidate experience within the SourceMob infrastructure and the results amazed us all! More than 15% of their candidate traffic and applies came through mobile. The result also blunted their significant 50% ATS defection. Until SourceMob provided the analytics, they had no way of knowing the enormous amount money they were wasting within their HR budget and how many candidates they were losing from their application process.

The result was a significant increase in candidate visits, applies and hires.  In addition, they did not have to change their budget! The SourceMob program was self-funded by filtering out hiring waste in their current program.

How much did they save? 25% in job posting fees just in one year. The client was so impressed, they immediately signed up (2-years ago) and have been a client ever since.

In both cases above, with flat budgets, how did they afford the SourceMob solutions? That was easy. Our affordable fee was all paid out of the savings that they were seeing from their normal recruiting and they were easily able to justify the spending to their Leadership Team through our extensive analytics.

The Offer I Hope You Can’t Refuse

Above I shared two case studies and mentioned how SourceMob can turn your flat budgets into more applies and hires. I will also guarantee results. Plus we will do it with our skin in the game for qualified prospects.

So why not give SourceMob a chance to run a similar split test for your company and I will also guarantee positive saving results or you won’t pay us a dime.

To get your test running, simply email me at, phone 612-349-2740 to set up a discussions with me.



Jeffery Giesener