Is your cost of prospecting for Passive Candidates rising?

…HR ideas by Jeffery Giesener – CEO –

Are you frustrated that you must start the hiring process from scratch each and every time a new job requisition is approved?

Have you ever thought that there could be a different way, a better way to reduce both your hiring cycle time and your Cost Per Hire?

How would you do this? Your challenge is to review your recruiting processes and find and use the right tools to mine your candidate data. To make the changes needed through the lens of your candidate? By rethinking your HR Marketing strategy focusing in on what is in it for your candidate to join you organization.

Some questions to think about?

First, do you have a data repository where all your qualified applicant data can be housed?

You may think it is your Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) but how flexible is that solution for engagement with candidates post apply and hire? Do you feel locked in? You don’t have to be!

Second, do you have a way of searching applicant data to find qualified candidates without being forced to begin a new job hiring cycle, which as you know, costs you time and money? Does your ATS fight you for help you?

Once you can determine which candidates in your current database are your best targets for your new job requisition, sending targeting campaign emails will certainly shorten you hiring cycles. Responding to candidates when they apply is just good HR Branding practice.

Third, do you have a way to find and engage with prior applicants in an outbound campaign tied to their job interests and location using email and/or mobile texting? Do your candidates have a way to sign up for relevant, custom job alerts. Can they easily join your Talent Community(s) so they stay connected to you?

New social and mobile career alerts along with candidate relationship management solutions (CRM) give your preferred candidates the ability to engage with you wherever they are online.

Four, what are you doing to improve the experience for your mobile candidates?

Do you have a mobile job search, mobile responsive job description pages, mobile career site pages and the most important – a mobile apply process?

Five, do you know how to tie all of the above together using Business Intelligence and HR Analytic resources? How do you get to the right answers, to know which job campaigns are working and which are not? How do you determine your Return On Recruiting Investment™ (RORI)? Do you know where your candidates are coming from and which specific jobs they are applying too?

Taking a new view of your current recruiting processes, job postings and career campaigns will enable your HR organization to optimize your talent acquisition efforts.

This drives lower defection rates, higher apply rates and provides a cutting edge brand experience for all of your candidates. Plus with a solid and continual focus on HR Analytics you will have the facts to share with your CFO showing your new career program RORI.

I help my clients develop strategies and solve these challenges. Using Social, Mobile, HR Marketing, Data-driven Analytics, CRM and other Talent Acquisition solutions that are all affordable, I deliver solutions quickly without the need of your IT or HR departments. I guarantee that you will be satisfied and I will put my skin in the game to show you how my solutions will work for your sourcing needs.

Let’s schedule a virtual appointment at your convenience. Simply reach me by email at or by phone at 952-417-6955

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How to Use Social, Mobile and the Web to Source More Candidates

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Your top qualified candidates are using social media today to find jobs and follow companies. Organizations need to be prepared to move deeper into social and mobile recruiting because this is what your candidates are expecting now!

But do you know how to source them? 
Do You…? 

  • Have trouble filling positions?
    Believe there is not enough time to devote to Mobile and Social Recruiting?
    • Need to accomplish more with the same budget? 
    Join SourceMob’s Jeffery Giesener, CEO and Nancy Ritzman, VP of Client Services to learn how to make Social and Mobile Recruiting easy. Using Before and After shots and lots of tips, they will share how to deliver more top qualified candidates using social and mobile, build and increase your Social Career presence and Branding, deliver career alerts, create a mobile-responsive candidate experience without stretching your internal resources or budget.
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