HR Trends To Watch For In 2014

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This is my fourth annual “Trends To Watch For” report for the social and mobile recruiting industry. Below are eight key recruiting trends that you should bring into your organization in Q1, 2014.

This is a two-part posting.

The 8 HR Trends of 2014 …with tips!

1. Mobilize Everything

The number of Candidates using smartphones and tablets to search and apply to jobs is increasing dramatically.

Google recently reported that more than 70% of candidates now search for jobs on their mobile phones. reported that the candidate defection rate from apply pages that are not mobile responsive is 40-90%. Deloitte reported that by 2018, 50% of the workforce will be millennials, aged 24 to 34.

The millennials are already deeply involved with mobile and social media and their engagement will continue to skyrocket over the next several years.

Is your business ready for this?

These stats are even more impactful when you consider the international mobile market. Asia, EU and other parts of the world have even higher mobile penetration rates than the United States does! However, the biggest surprise is that only 10% of United States based companies have mobile enabled career pages and apply processes. We sure are not making it easy for candidates to apply from their mobile phones and tablets!

2. Brand Your Career Pages

The search for top talent will continue to get tougher in 2014. Finding your superstars in those hard-to-recruit niche positions will continue to be difficult and, as a result, will cost you more per hire.

Recruiting times they are a-changin’ from what we have gotten used to in 2007-2011.  Why? It is because many of our “old school” recruiting tools simply will not work like they used to. In 2014, you may not be able to find the candidates you need or the cost to find them will skyrocket.

One key to lower your recruiting costs is to rebrand your Career Pages and provide a candidate experience that is sticky. This means you must provide a positive experience that gives your candidates a reason to return to your career pages frequently to check for newly posted jobs, discover your company culture and/or engage directly with your recruiters in real-time.

You should also make your Career Pages mobile responsive so that candidates can engage in two-way conversations with your recruiters on their smartphones and tablets.

3. Stop Defection In Your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Do you know what your ATS defection rate is? Who is reporting this information to you? Is it your ATS Company or a third-party that does not have a stake in the game? has reported that a bad ATS experience for candidates can cost you dearly in defection. It reports that 50% to 70% of applicants may never complete your ATS application.

Some major hurdles that your ATS should not have:

  • Login requirement before allowing your candidates to see your job postings.
  • Chronically or alphabetic job posting only. You might have 50 pages of job postings! How would your candidate find the job that interests them?
  • Candidates are forced to pinch and zoom on your ATS job listing pages. Have you looked at your job pages on your mobile device? When you have the ability to see your job postings, it does not mean you have a good candidate experience if you have to pinch and zoom to see all of the information. Your analytics will prove it when you view your candidate defections.
  • Search does not provide accurate results.

4. Get Serious About Your HR Analytics

Every HR professional is interested in lowering their cost of recruitment. However, what is also amazing is that many of the HR pros I speak with do not have an on-demand analytic solution for managing and tracking campaign data or highlighting the costs of applies and hires. Why is that? Traditionally, HR Departments were not tasked with supporting their cost center budgets. That environment is rapidly changing. The 2014+ HR trends show that HR Departments must capture relevant recruiting data and make sure they are providing their upper management a Return on Recruiting Investment (RORI).  In the future, responsibility for RORI will be tasked to the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) and his Team.

Imagine if you were called into the C-Level suite. Would you be able to share where you campaign analytics RORI are both succeeding and failing? Would you know in real-time what your cost-per-hire by marketing channel is and how to optimize it? These Key Performance Indexes (KPI) are coming to the HR world in 2014. You can and should be get ready for them today!

Coming in Part 2:

Develop Your Own Talent Community

Recruiting Interns and Career Fairs

Educate Yourself on How to Source From All Social Channels  

Build and Track Your Employee Referral Programs

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