Generating new social customers at less than $2…ideas from The ShoppeSimple Network

Generating new customers at less than $2 each

Increasing Average Order by 30%+

Increasing Frequency of Ordering from 1 per annum to 2+

For nearly half my career, I held C-Level roles in  multi-channel retailer or pure .com businesses and I can only imagine that today this business climate is probably one of the toughest to be running a retail/consumer-focused business.

Every day on the news I witness gloom and doom. I am sure you went into the planning for the Holidays with your Plan A and B revenue forecasts ready to quickly steer your ship if the numbers are not where they need to be. But now with what looks like a continued weakening economy ahead, debt crisis, a lack of consumer confidence, unemployment and lack of job creation pipeline it sure looks like merchants may need to add a Plan C and D to protect their holiday business.

I have never claimed to be a fortuneteller nor do I have a crystal ball but I do have those Plan C and D options for your business. They will drive incremental revenue in Q3/Q4. Plus…I guarantee that it will be affordable and without risk to your business.

One of the reasons I founded ShoppeSimple Network was to leverage a simple proven principle… that your customers provide 80% of your revenue. Now taking that principle from traditional online, I knew that the same vision would work in the social space. And it has for all of our clients.

At ShoppeSimple Network we have built web-based technology to help your business engage and connect with your customers in “Social Commerce Time”.

How do we do it? We drive new social business from your email database and email broadcasts, Facebook Store, Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and mobile to your website or stores where transaction are completed. We have super quick set up that doesn’t cost your business any implementation fees and little time spent.

And you pay us only if it works!

So ask yourself are you monetizing your digital assets? Online assets like…

  • Your email database and email broadcasts?
  • Your Facebook Page and its traffic?
  • Your Facebook Likes?
  • Your Twitter Followers?
  • Your Mobile followers?
  • Your shopping carts opens and defections

Why am I so confident that The ShoppeSimple Network can assist in the growth of your business for this Holiday season? Here is the proof…from matchbacks that were done by several clients this month.

Client 1. Had an increase in average order of over 38%. An increase in rebuy rate of .45% per customer per annum. They generated 17% of all orders in new customers at a cost of $1.80 each. They are paying $7.50 per new customer in their other channels. Plus…every customer who ordered through the ShoppeSimple Network is now flagged by the merchant as a social buyer and they can remarket to them with a new level of permission. Result: The client sold $155,000 through our program in month one and they renewed for another year.

Client 2. Had seen something that made them do a double take, recheck and redo their matchback. They had a doubling of frequency of ordering in a 6-month period through our program. Yes, their average order declined by 4.5% but their trade off has an enormous upside in order frequency. At a 50% net margin their ShoppeSimple program is now providing $3,000,000 in incremental margin lift on a 6-month basis. Result: They have renewed for a year at a cost of 1.5% of net sales.

Client 3. Saw a rebuy rate from their current buyers of 38% and average orders increased by 28% through the ShoppeSimple program. They captured new customers from the ShoppeSimple program at less than $2.00 per customer.    Result: They did over $700,000 in the program in six months. The Client not only signed up for a year but they prepaid for the entire year.

So you maybe asking yourself what do these businesses know?

I want your business to be impacted positively for Q3/4 of 2011 and for you to drive new incremental for the Holidays.

Bottom line: I want to call out (if you are still a skeptic or still want to wait to use marketing technology, or still do not want to jump into innovations) that at The ShoppeSimple Network we are passing the measure of time and the analytics and the positive incremental ROI measurements close the deals for us with our clients. We are also not afraid to put our skin in the game.

The ShoppeSimple Network is proven to work In fact, we guarantee it…

So isn’t it time for you to try us? We will make it absolutely painless for you to do so.

So here is the deal. Simply test us for just two quarters and we will give you the first month Free. If we don’t deliver a 5X return on what you pay us… you simply don’t pay us. That’s our no nonsense guarantee.

It’s really that simple. So if you could spend $2,000 a month to get back $10,000 in incremental margin wouldn’t you take that deal in a heartbeat? This is exactly what our average client is seeing in the ShoppeSimple Network program.

With the economy looming and glooming, I urge you to take us up on our offer to protect your business with a solid new plan to add guaranteed incremental revenue in time for the holidays. In fact, if you act now, we can have your program up and running for you before the end of August.

Please simply reach out to me and I will personally arrange a meeting time to have a virtual discussion with you about The ShoppeSimple Network.

You can reach me at 612-349-2740 or by my email at




Jeffery Giesener

CEO – Founder.

ShoppeSimple Network