Four Tips That Will Help Your Social Sourcing Efforts Overnight…

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO –


  • What is Social Sourcing?

    Social Sourcing is exactly what it sounds like – recruiting for your business through various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, email search engines and Mobile.

    One lesson you may have already learned trying to source through Social, is that it can feel like finding candidate needles in a haystack. And if you are searching for Passive Candidates or tough-to-fill job titles, it could feel like finding pins in a haystack mountain.

    Tips That Will Help Your Social Sourcing Efforts Overnight…

    1. Be Social. Sounds obvious, right? Social means having conversations and engagement with your candidates, people in your organization’s network and employees, not just your personal networks. Employees are the best source of social referrals for your open positions. Yesterday’s post was all about leveraging your Distant Network. And as a result connecting with Distant Networks will enable you to find more niche candidates faster while also lowering your cost per hire.
    2. By keeping connected to candidates who have permissioned you to deliver jobs to them and enabling them to share them within their own networks, you will increase your overall Talent Community and Career Alerts outside or your ATS is one of the ways to do just that. Your employees probably know just the person who fits that job opening you just posted, and if they don’t – someone in their network might.
    3. Then when a job requisition is sourced you will already have candidates who are in conversations with you and who are ready to work at you organization. But remember the acronym WFIM. What is in it for your candidate? Remember they want to know why they should come and work for your company.


    1. Own The Mike and Monitor. Check out your competition and most likely when you make your career posts you can “On The Mike” in your industry. But if you post jobs and conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ and or have a Career Blog or run a Talent Community and you are not monitoring your conversations what will your audience think about your HR Social Brand? This is like your customer service department not picking up the phone. If you are not into social engagement and conversation then why are you doing social and then what is your HR social point of view? What is this sharing with your top candidates who can also work for your competition?

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