Five Key Ways of Lowering Recruiting

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Below is five key ways we help our clients lower their cost of recruiting. How many are you doing and how effectively?

In recent prospect appointments, we asked how the Talent Acquisition Team was planning to lower their cost per hire? Since they indicated this was high on their priority list we wanted to know what they were internally thinking? As such, I would have expected them to have a solid strategy to lower their cost per hire?

I can’t tell you how frequently we hear this comment about lowering the cost of hire from prospects and clients alike. In fact, from my seat it should be right at the top of your list of initiative for 2015/2016. Then the how you did it should be demonstrable to your boss and your boss’s boss. Why because if you are not being asked to do this now you soon will be by your Boss…Trust me.

But what confuses me is when we ask how the Talent Acquisition Team planning to accomplish lowering cost of apply and hire that’s when the “deer in the headlight syndrome” blanketed the room.

But last week the fun started. Heck this Talent Acquisition SVP was a smart cookie and interesting enough he challenged me/us by saying “if we knew what we need to do then why would we need SourceMob and you Jeff. So perhaps you can tell us how SourceMob can help us recruit new candidates (not ones we already have) and as a result lower our overall recruiting cost”. I just love that kind of candid challenge and call out.

So that got me thinking how many of you are thinking the same thing and below is five key ways we help our clients lower their cost of recruiting. How many are you doing and how effectively?

Way #1: Mobile Recruiting – Fix your Mobile Apply

Do you have a mobile recruiting solution that not only distributes your jobs efficiently and effectively for mobile enabled candidates?

  • Does your mobile tools not only enable candidate to search your jobs on a mobile smartphone and Tablet device but also enable let them apply on these mobile platforms?
  • Does this apply then seamlessly go back to your ATS or do you now have multiple candidate application databases to contend with?

If you don’t… did you know that Google is letting the Talent Acquisition industry know that candidates looking for a job are doing 70% of their searches on Google in 2013?

Did you know that Google is now penalizing companies who do not have a Mobile enable Career Site and other mobile components of their job search. (source: Google PR Release)

SourceMob clients are averaging north of 20-30 percent of total visitation on mobile on their Career website and the social and mobile responsive (“smart platform sensing) pages we have built for them according to our 3rd party analytics.

So when are you jumping into Mobile recruiting…certainly hopefully before your candidates have connected with your competitor?

Also remember how easy it is for your candidate to distribute jobs by texting. Are you benefiting from this trend?

SourceMob enables you to reach candidates on their mobile phones and Tablets and let’s them not just view your jobs on mobile but also let’s them easily and simply apply to your jobs. We have both a Mobile ATS and Mobile QuickApply™ technology. Then behind the scenes without any heavy IT implementation we pass the relevant data collected back to your ATS through a CSV file or to SourceMob’s proprietary ATS.

Way #2: Building a Talent Community and Career Alerts

You should be considering organizing your candidates into relevant community groups and having a solution which does that for them when they lurk through your job postings by category. You can even send alerts to them when a new job meets their requirements. Why will this work because you will have a community of candidates who what to hear from you wherever they are online i.e. web, Social and mobile meeting spaces. From there, you will be able to build targeted email, social and mobile campaigns with double opt-in messaging directly right to your candidates.

SourceMob enables you to do all of the above. SourceMob solutions are designed to be easy for your recruiters to use as they were and are built by to optimize your candidate experience. Our Talent Community and Career Alerts solutions are highly affordable for all levels of recruiting organizations.

Way #3: Recruit in Social Channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+

If you are only fishing in one social pond for candidates trust me you are missing opportunities to attract solid performing candidates. You are missing niche hard-to-find specialized candidates. And if you think your candidate is not a Facebook member you could be more than dead wrong. We will show you an Infographic that let’s you see that social recruiting is so pervasive today that you can’t afford not to be recruiting on all the major social channels.

  • We also often hear that we just don’t know how to do social and/or mobile.
  • Or that we can’t demonstrate the ROI to management.
  • Or management has not made it a priority.
  • And worse with anything new in technology there is the obvious FEAR Factor.

Well no problem when you use SourceMob social solutions your candidates come to you from social, the web, your communities and alerts and mobile to grow your talent pipelines. We also put your social program on autopilot so no implementation for you’re IT or HR Teams. Boy is that appreciated. It’s one of the many reasons why we are growing. No more sifting through tons of resumes to find a few hires. One recent case study from a client shared that they needed to sift through 600-sourced resumes to hire just 4 candidates.

Way #4: Optimize Your LinkedIn Spending

You may feel like I poking the LinkedIn bear here but nothing could be further from the truth. We love LinkedIn and welcome what they are doing for the Talent Acquisition industry.

Because we love LinkedIn and our clients are using them we have interesting expertise to help our clients improve their LinkedIn recruiting spend. How…we help optimize your Company pages and develop innovative ways to use LinkedIn Groups. Now just give us a ring and we will show how you too can make your LinkedIn current spend much more efficient.

Now if any or all of the above SourceMob solutions sound interesting to you and you want to learn more… just email me at for a presentation or discussion or ring me up by phone at 952-417-6955. We will set up a presentation and I will be on the call with you.

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