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Where OH Where Are My Candidates?

I had the pleasure of taking part in several pitches last week and the consistent theme was that it was increasingly difficult to source IT/engineering/software developers and medical staffing like nurses and other highly professional positions. So what is going on…?

This only gets more complicated in a tightening job market. It doesn’t help that these candidates today can pick and choose where they want to work.

So let’s take a closer look at what is happening here.


  • Do you know what is you visitor count is to your Career Site Page(s)?
  • Do you even have analytics plugged into your Career Pages that estimates traffic, defection, time on site, pathways and ROI?

If you don’t then plugging analytic metrics into your recruiting efforts is a great place to begin to learn how your candidates are interacting with your Career Pages. How are they getting to your apply button or are you loosing tons of candidate through broken links, bad candidate experience and more. Do you event know?

It is what I have been coaching our clients to understand about their conversion opportunities for years; Consumers are changing their career search behaviors. They are no longer needing to come back in the numbers they once did to your Career Site, your Job Boards (Monster/CareerBuilder or Dice) advertisements, Job Portals like LinkedIn for your job postings.

On the contrary, they are demanding that you engage and begin a conversation with them wherever they are in Social Media channels, on the web, niche communities and/or on their mobile smartphones/Tablets. When you have your Career Site stats available they would absolutely support this position.

It isn’t all about LinkedIn or Job Boards any more…

#1: Nielsen, reports that American internet users spent a combined total of 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook during May 2014, which was more time than they spent on the four next most popular sites combined. The average time per Facebook user is 23 minutes per day. According to 50% of those looking for a job last year used Facebook. The latest reported stats between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were 36 million hires in 2012. Imagine the number today.

#2: According to Forbes, Twitter surpassed 333 million registered users who now post more than 110 million+ tweets per day. Twitter is also increasingly becoming a critical HR communication channel for Talent Acquisition Professionals. In fact, many HR Pros are now actively building a Twitter career strategy and integrating this powerful communication channel into their recruiting mix. Of note: 8% of those looking for a job added job information to their Twitter profile.

#3: According to Google, U.S. visits to Google+ surpassed 49 million during a one-month period, a 55% increase. Google also provides a heightened awareness within their Google Search for those companies using Google+ company pages. If you heard Google+ is going away…it is not!

#4: Over 90 million Americans use text messaging daily and the numbers keep growing exponentially. That’s over 50% of cell phone users. Job sharing using text messaging is also exploding.

Engage and Converse with your candidates

How are you engaging with your candidates?

  • When was the last time you communicated with a post apply candidate?
  • Or are they just wallowing in you’re Applicant Tracking System (ATS) “black hole”?

At SourceMob we will build your Social Career Centers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile) that engage in Candidate conversations.

  • We Auto-pilot your job content without the use of your IT Team or any HR Program Management.
  • We distribute any type Social and Mobile content through our proprietary content engine.
  • We help you source your key candidates (along with passive ones) and do it anonymously.
  • We help you grow your HR focused Facebook Likes and Twitter and Google+ Follower fan base.
  • We help you find niche candidates on LinkedIn by building your LinkedIn Groups and managing the entire program.
  • We have Return on Recruiting Investment and Monitoring and Listening analytic solutions to help you acquire new highly-qualified candidates.
  • We enable you to have on going Social and Mobile conversations and engagement with all your candidates and get them hired fast.

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