Engaged employees are assets!

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob.com – CEO

Engaged employees are assets; disengaged employees are liabilities:

Highly satisfied groups of employees often exhibit above-average levels of customer loyalty (56%), productivity (50%), employee retention (50%), safety performance (50%), and profitability (33%) according to Gallup.

There is a direct link between engaged employees and sources of recruitment.

A concern – US workers are not happy:

  • Of surveyed executives, 47% believed that employee trust has declined as a result of the way their company has managed cost reductions the last two years.  And while 42% believe their companies are not fully effective at measuring the impact of cost reduction efforts on employee morale, fully 37% – more than a third of US businesses – believe that their organization’s handling of the economic downturn will make talented employees more likely to leave. (Hewitt & Associates)
  • Only 45% of US workers are satisfied with their jobs (so 55% are NOT).  Only 51% find their jobs interesting, 43% feel secure in their jobs, and 51% are satisfied with their boss.

The result: between 50-70% of US workers are – or will – seek a new job.  (Conference Board)

  • Only 17% of US workers are highly engaged.  (Towers Perrin)

Can you find candidates in your database who are dissatisfied in their current position using Mobile and Social solutions?

Do you not see this opportunity? It’s time to mine your data.

  • Isn’t it time to mine your candidate data if 50-70% of US workers are – will – seek a new job.
  • Isn’t it time to use your data to unearth your top candidates if only 17% of US workers are highly engaged.

Mining for candidates using “old school’ recruiting methods such as Internet job advertising, job board posts, LinkedIn search or their job postings, just won’t get you in front of today’s candidates in the new mobile and social recruiting environment.

  • Does your business know how to recruit candidates when they are using Mobile phones or Tablets to search your jobs?
  • Can your business take a mobile candidate application that provides for a pleasing candidate experience, which doesn’t drive defection?
  • Do you know how to recruit candidates looking for new positions on your Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+?

To test your company’s candidate social and mobile experience, simply be a candidate and apply through your various social or mobile recruiting touch points. What was your experience? Do you even have a social and or mobile recruiting touch point?

If your experience is like many of the companies I speak with, let me share with  you how you can deploy new mobile and social recruiting tools that capture both active and passive candidates. To find out how, just ring me up at 612-349-2740 or email me at jeff@sourcemob.com



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