Engage Passive Candidates through YouTube

By Greg Moran

Savvy hiring managers know that social media platforms such as LinkedIn are an integral part of the candidate sourcing process. However, one platform, which happens to be the second most popular search engine, often takes a backseat – YouTube.

That’s right – YouTube is not just for recreational viewing of cuddly kitty videos or backyard bloopers, it’s also the perfect tool for showcasing your company’s culture, so candidates will come to you. After all, according to an online survey conducted for Jobvite by the Polling Company, Inc., 75 percent of the American workforce is comprised of job seekers and 69 percent of employed Americans are actively seeking or open to a new job. So, what can you do to capture this passive group of job seekers?

The Hiring Site, a community for hiring professionals powered by Career Builder, suggests that there are six top benefits to adding video into your recruitment mix. They include:

1. More ROI: Online videos generate more interest than static text, so you can get more bang for your buck when you distribute them over multiple channels. You can also encourage employees to share them with friends and over social media.

2. Stay on top: You need to keep up with the competition and as video becomes more dominant as an online communication tool, recruiters need to keep up or fall behind in reaching potential employees.

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