Creating A Community of Facebook Candidates

 . . . ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO

Today, when you think of connecting and conversing with friends, you think of Facebook. It’s by far the largest social media site with over 1.3 billion users worldwide. Facebook is currently growing at the rate of a completely new LinkedIn user base about every 4 weeks. And, Facebook already has surpassed Google as the most visited site!

Almost everyone is on Facebook and as a Talent Acquisition Professional to ignore it is at your own recruiting peril. Recruiting Pros cannot ignore the potential of this candidate community.   Yet, there are still so many companies who choose to continue to stand on the sidelines while their competitors learn how to use and win in this space.

Facebook Career Tips for Talent Acquisition Success

Here are ideas to consider netting Passive and Active Candidates from Facebook…

  1. Why have your Candidates fight through a Facebook Marketing page to learn about your culture and job postings? Aren’t marketing pages for coupons, advertising and non-recruiting functions?
  2. Why not create your very own Facebook Career Center to speak and engage directly with your candidates? Deliver engagement directly to your Timeline automatically.
  3. Why not deliver your jobs and conversations to your job seekers on their personal Facebook pages. Don’t force them back to your Corporate Career page to see your jobs?
  4. Give your candidates multiple ways to search your jobs. Not just on Keywords, alphabetically or by posting date.
  5. Have your candidates apply to a specific job of their choosing right within your Facebook Career Center.
  6. Provide a data-protected and secure way for your candidates to share relevant job posts with people they know on Facebook. Don’t use a public sharing widget like Add-This or Social Twist.
  7. Enable your Passive Candidates to Follow the relevant jobs they want to see anonymously on their personal Facebook profile page (not the Facebook Timeline) and be notified when new jobs become available.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence thinking that Facebook Talent Acquisition is not worth your recruiting effort or time . . . think again. According to Justin R. Levy in his book, Facebook Marketing, Social Networks are the new way to communicate jobs and conversations. You can either choose to embrace change or watch your competition pass you as they figure it out.

As Corporate Talent Acquisition Professionals why would you want to enable your Recruiters and Sourcers to speak directly to your target candidate audience on their respective Social and Mobile/Tablet Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile). In less than 60 days you can begin to tap into Social Network Sourcing with job content, conversations and engagements directly to your candidates’ Social Network personal profile pages, not to their Timelines. The value of using this innovation has proven to lower cost per hire, provide more qualified candidates from Social Sharing and fill jobs faster.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific Social, Web and Mobile Talent Acquisition objectives. With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and Mobile Social Recruitment program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.

To learn more simply ring me up at 612-249-2740 or email me at or check out our Webinar this week.

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Join SourceMob’s Jeffery Giesener, CEO and Nancy Ritzman, VP of Sales to learn how to make LinkedIn work for your recruiting efforts. Sharing lots of tips, they will show how to deliver more top Passive and Active candidates to your organization.

We are not affiliated with LinkedIn nor do we sell LinkedIn solutions. However, we are experts on using social and mobile media to help Recruiters source candidates for tough-to-fill positions at a lower recruiting cost.

ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob links Internet, social, talent community and mobile recruiting solutions to help talent acquisition professionals recruit the very best candidates for tough-to-fill positions. SourceMob software distributes job content and conversations providing a job posting springboard to over 3.5 million candidate profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and all of the major search engines. Our solutions also enable Mobile Quick Apply and candidate application management services to create efficiencies and lower recruiting costs.
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