Companies Behind Meeting Mobile Candidates’ Needs!

 …ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Are you thinking about using mobile to net candidates? If you are, what does your candidate experience look like?

According to a Google, more than two-thirds of job seekers are already using mobile devices to search for jobs.

  • 57% search for jobs on their mobile devices every day.
  • 27% of all job searches on Google are to done on a mobile device.

Plus most companies today simply view the mobile channel as simply another channel, communication device or an extension of their digital strategy.

According to a Econsultancy Study, only 25 percent of mobile mainstream companies report having well-defined mobile strategy.

What’s worse, is that less than 25 percent of the companies surveyed indicate that they don’t understand their consumers’ migration to mobile. This is reflected in the poor or lack of concern for their job seekers’ mobile apply experience.

Boy…that is not a good place for our Talent Acquisition Industry since 10-25% of candidates are already looking for jobs on mobile devices.

The above suggests that instead of maintaining the status quo or worse, doing nothing on mobile, companies must move their candidate experience into mobile and do it now.

As I have said in a recent speaking engagement, mobile adoption is outpacing any historical adoption trend. Companies that will succeed in this next wave of mobile Talent Acquisition will need to understand not only how to build outstanding mobile candidate experiences on smartphones and Tables, but also put themselves into a position to leverage the data provided by the candidate. This data needs to be rigorously optimized to measure and improve candidate defection and ultimately reduce hiring costs and improve operating efficiencies.

To learn more about how to integrate mobile into your Talent Acquisition efforts please send me an email at or call me at 612-349-2740 to discuss where you would like your mobile Talent Acquisition to go.

I am sure I can help you start putting together your mobile Talent Acquisition strategies that net more passive candidates.



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