Candidates Expect Engagement

…HR Ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

Your job candidate is essentially an “HR consumer.” Therefore, the social media strategy of your business should include a plan to deliver your job content and conversations to your candidates, wherever they hang out online (including social and mobile platforms).

This strategy might be a change from what you are used to. In the past, you probably thought that because you were the recruiter, the candidate should come to you first.

Come to You….Come to ME!

Points to consider…

  • Today, most companies insist that the candidate enter an applicant tracking system (ATS). They force a log-in even before the candidate knows anything about the company.
  • You should engage – in direct conversations – with your key candidates outside of your ATS.

Times they are changing (and fast)!

Before you know it, your best candidates may be working for your competitor. Why? It is because many of your competitors socially “get it” and are already socializing and mobilizing their talent acquisition efforts!

In an ever changing world, there is no time to be stuck in the past.

Candidates want to have relevant conversations with recruiters (even if they are not ready to apply). With that mind, do you feel that your HR/talent acquisition team is prepared for engagement on the candidates’ terms? If not, you need to consider giving your recruiting process a makeover (…and soon)!


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Jeffery Giesener