Candidates are your Customers!

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

Have you thought about treating your candidates like your customers?

High performing, world class organizations focus on their candidates, providing them with a top application experience regardless of how they apply – whether on a computer, laptop, mobile or tablet. Why is that critical?  Candidates are the lifeblood of any organization. 

Consider this, as there is much to be learned from all the behavior research from the e-commerce world:

  • 90% of dissatisfied customers will not come back or buy again. (Research Institute of America)
  • However, only 4% of dissatisfied customers will bother to complain (so for every one complaint you hear, 24 others go unheard). (ibid)
  • Also dissatisfied customers tell an average of nine others about their dissatisfaction. (ibid)
  • 68% of dissatisfied customers who quit doing business with an organization, do so because of company indifference.  Essentially, the company didn’t take the time to listen and hear the customer’s need or complaint.  (ibid)
  • Engaged customers are 68% more likely to increase purchases than neutral or disengaged customers. (Forrester)

From the statistics above it should come as no surprise that satisfied, engaged customers (in our case candidates) positively impact the bottom line and promote organizational success, sustainability and profitability.

So what are some of the best practices to ensure a focus on candidate experience?  Consider these (and reflect on whether your organization is doing them):

  • Listen to your candidates!  Build mechanisms that systematically capture the voice of your candidates – methods like social media, focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews and complaint data.  Then act upon that data to provide hiring/onboarding experiences that satisfy (or exceed) candidate expectations.
  • Design your candidate listening posts that capture information on how they feel about their relationship with your company and your recruiters.
  • Listen to your current employee hiring experiences, also your potential candidates, and candidates you didn’t hire. They all represent potential measurement tools and triggers for performance improvement.
  • Measure candidate acceptance AND engagement levels – how committed are your hires to your organization. Measure your churn and retention rates.
  • Anticipate key candidate requirements and changing expectations – it’s not only about satisfying today’s requirements, but also staying one step ahead of competitors in identifying and responding to emerging candidates and market needs.

Build an organizational culture that ensures a consistently positive candidate experience.  Think Ritz Carlton or Disney.  Everything about their system (recruiting, training, employee rewards, analytics) centers on a top-drawer employee experience.

When was the last time you filled out your own candidate online application? How was your experience? How much patience did you need? If you were coming out of college or you were looking for a new job with a niche professional skill, such as IT, nurse, scientist, or other, would you have hung in there to complete your application or would you have defected? Be honest.

Call me and I will show you how you can create an online candidate experience that is easy and simple to apply, whether your candidate is on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or Tablet.

As a Talent Acquisition Pro today, your job is to deliver jobs and social conversations to where your candidates want them and on which device or platform. This is the new wave of recruiting.

Let me show you how you can deploy these new recruiting tools that capture the candidates you want. To find out how just ring me up at 612-349-2740 or email me at



Jeffery Giesener



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