Breakout from Traditional Recruiting

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO –

  • When was the last time you added social career pages and links to your jobs from these timelines?
  • In 2015/16 are you building a new Career site with the focus around “What’s In It For Your Candidate” Please stop just using your ATS Search page.
  • When are you planning to Mobile enable your Career pages and delivery of jobs to mobile platforms? If not know, when?

If you are not working on any or all of the above, then your Talent Acquisition is still stuck in the past and loosing candidates out to your competitors in your space.

Certainly there are many social and mobile recruiting solutions in the market today, and for sure many more to come, but how do you know which Social and Mobile solutions will be the best for your business? How do you know how to filter out the weak ones, the ones that are not a great fit, the ones that will not integrate well with what you already own and the new solutions you should purchase? How will your new candidates perceive their experience?

Seven questions to ask…Who? Your Team…

  1. How will you understand the ROI and our defection rates from our ATS and the Social and Mobile solutions put in place? I want this to be easy to understand not like forcing me to fly a rocket ship. I don’t want to ask Marketing or IT for my data. I don’t want to ask the ATS company for my data either.
  2. How do our solutions integrate with the many other SaaS recruiting solutions already in place and at what cost?
  3. Do we have our own branded Career Social and Mobile pages created so that candidates will see our jobs not only on my Career Social and Mobile pages, but also on their own social pages (Why do this?…because in the world of Social and Mobile today, candidates are in control and want jobs and conversations to come to them, where they are.)
  4. Do we provide Social and Mobile links on our Corporate Career pages to let candidates know that we do have social and mobile career pages? Are they above the fold on your home page or Career Web site?
  5. How do we provide an effective social experience for our candidates (i.e. categorized job titles, locations, certifications and present our jobs so candidates can search easily, not just hunt and peck through pages of job post chronologically).
  6. Do our solutions enable candidates to directly apply on their mobile devices and tablets?
  7. Do we allow candidates to follow our jobs passively and anonymously on Social and Mobile channels? Can they sign up for our Talent Community and specific Career Alerts.

All the above points give a starting point on developing your Social and Mobile recruiting plan. They will also help your team weed out SaaS solutions that do not stand up to the current state of the Social and Mobile recruiting nation.

Deploying the right technology…

So you see, by asking the right questions and then deploying the best technology recruiting solutions to fit your needs, finding Candidates who are looking for your jobs through Social and Mobile channels, will be easier than you think.

But I still sense hesitation. What is it the fear of the unknown. Is it the lack of knowledge around social and mobile recruiting? That’s OK that’s why SourceMob has an extensive Webinar Series to answer any question you and your team has all around social, web, community and mobile recruiting. You are not alone and it is why we are growing quickly. We educate our industry.

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