Blog, Blog and Blog some more…

By Susan Tatum/Jeff Giesener

Content marketing is not a new concept but the way to approach it continues to evolve. The tactics have been updated and we have developed a new successful process for technology companies to utilize.

Here is the process:

1) Blog, Blog and Blog some more – It answers questions and provides an education that keeps your candidates interested in your company and your job posts. They will keep coming back until they’re ready to engage.

2) Get active on Social and Mobile media with Facebook have 1.06 Billion users, Twitter 200 Million, Google+ 400 Million and LinkedIn 200 million members, it’s the best place to interact with high caliber candidates (professionals, interns and just about any type of of person looking for a position). Don’t forget those passive ones looking to be netted too.

3) Create at least one giveaway and use it to collect contact info – The most effective way to do this is still by offering free valuable information that they’ll be willing to “buy” with their contact info. White papers, ebooks and special reports are especially effective in this step.

4) Repeat and refine – Content marketing is not a one time thing, it needs to be continued and perfected.