Being Social Consumer Centric…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple Network

Imagine if your consumer could tell you what merchandise offers they wanted to see from you!

What if you could then distribute these offers to where your consumer wants to see them (website, email, social or mobile)!

The result: More incremental business!


I know you have been around eCommerce for a decade or so and your email marketing is probably your lowest cost marketing channel, but does that mean you should not strive to increase the level of engagement and user experience with your consumers?

This challenge with all that you have on your plate is not a simple one. So have you ever thought about enabling “Social Consumer Centric™” marketing?

A more productive marketing approach for your business

  • Have you ever considered giving your consumer the opportunity to pre-select themselves into merchandise offers of their choosing? These offers then become highly valued and relevant to your consumer.
  • Have you ever enabled your consumers to see merchandise they want daily and on their terms in any social platform of their choice (Facebook, Twitter or mobile)?
  • Have you been able to make it one-click easy to have your consumers share your merchandise with their Likes or Followers or mobile or email contacts?

Now if that’s a change to conventional web marketing, here is another one. Do you subscribe to the thought process that what a consumer has just bought is an indicator of what they are also interested in buying in the near to mid term?

As you read this, you may be thinking WOW this is out of the box and/or flies in the face of all the current web marketing thinking, best practices about CRM and collaborative filtering/recommendations engines. Hmm… but hold on… hear me out.

If you have been reading my blog you know it isn’t unusual for me to challenge conventional Internet marketing wisdom or even dynamite it. Boom!

If you think I am off in my thinking, please just check your ROI on the web recommendations that you are presenting. How successful are your recommendations converting and what is your ROI? Then check further by layering in the investments in CRM tools. Then ask yourself are you getting your expected payback?

If you are successful with your online tools and you are happy with your ROI calculators then there is no need to keep reading. So stop and check out now.

But if you feel you would like to lift your web and email conversions, average order values and order frequency it will be worth it for you to keep reading, as I have some thoughts for you that are guaranteed to put money in your business bank account for the Holidays.

At ShoppeSimple we believe in “Social Consumer Concentric™” marketing. What exactly does that mean? Giving your consumer the keys to drive their buying relationships with your business. We do this in a number of interesting ways using our integrated social technology, but for this blog post I am going to focus on

Social Consumer Concentric-Web/Email, which is finding great market acceptance.

Unlike pushing a fire hose of products at your consumer that they have little or no interest in (irrelevant), we believe in simply asking them what they would like to see!

Now for the first time your business can let consumers self-select themselves into merchandise and category offers that they are interested in. Your consumers’ preselected merchandise then is distributed seamlessly (just one click) throughout the social platforms of their choosing (merchant Facebook Store page, consumers’ Facebook home page (not their Wall), Facebook Affiliate Stores, Twitter Offers page, MyHome pages, merchant branded Hub page) and to their mobile smartphones.

Plus, these offers can easily be Liked, shared, Retweeted, texted and emailed among their friends and family which creates an incredible viral BUZZ about your brand and your merchandise.

What is the result of this unique targeting and consumer relevancy? Your business will see an increase in average order value, a substantial lift in order frequency, and higher order conversion. How much your business will increase depends on your business but you will be amazed at how giving your consumers the choices they want will improve your marketing success. Plus, not to leave this important point for last, we deliver new social customers at less than $2.00 each. Yes $2.00. How does this customer acquisition cost compare to what you are paying for a new customer today?

At ShoppeSimple our entire business is geared towards giving consumers what they want, where and when they want it. It’s really a simple concept, but ask yourself are you doing this with your website and in your email broadcasts?

Since I know you could do this, why aren’t you?

You could do all of this with the database capability you have in house. Or can you?

It’s taken us years to develop our Social Customer Centric™ technology to help merchants like you monetize their website, email, shopping cart defection and social and mobile platforms.

Social marketing is an “old-made-new” approach of delivering your brand communication and pointing your current digital assets to new social and mobile platforms. But to make this work you need new, innovative marketing tools and ideas.

One final example to make my point is a short case study that will give you further understanding behind my vision and explain why we do what we do at ShoppeSimple.

I bought a pair of Cole Haan shoes from a “Top Ten Internet Retailer”. I love this online merchant. I love their products, prices, service, return policy…you name it… I love them. Well that is until 30 days ago. Here’s why.

60 days ago, I ordered the Cole Haans and the very next day and for everyday for the next 30 days…yes one unrequested email per day…I received 30 different email offers.

But what makes this so interesting from a marketing perspective (a lesson for all of us in the business) is that one would think this company would have all the database capability to know who I am and my demographics tendencies from what I just bought. So why are they sending me product emails which are ¼ Hip Hop wear and ¾ ladies’ products? I just couldn’t believe how unsophisticated this company was with their email marketing! And, I’m still scratching my head! None of these 30 emails offered any relevant product that would make me want to purchase again.

What is missing in their marketing? ME!

From the consumer buying perspective they have “toasted” me. From the marketer in me, this is a total marketing quandary. And from the Company side of the isle, this is probably a financial fiasco and unfortunately one that they can’t even see.

I know that if the company were selling its products through catalogs the distribution cost alone would have halted this silliness in a few short weeks. But because email is so cheap to send it is considered OK to waste your customer’s time and energy.

What makes this even worse for me in today’s economic climate, when every dime in costs count, is that your wasted cost for all of this doesn’t get on the marketing radar screen. It’s probably a systemic part of the email-marketing budget. And you know all of this has been going on for years.  So I ask, have marketers fallen asleep at the consumer experience switch?

What did I personally do in my defense to prevent this email barrage from continuing? I simply opted out of the emails after 30 days, as enough was enough. That’s too bad because if they had sent me more relevant offers, I would have bought more. Guaranteed… as I loved this Company.

X (emails)+Y (relevancy) = Z with Z being more cash/profit in the merchants bank account.

I hope this story does not resonate with your business

But if it does, we would welcome the opportunity to help you pivot your website and email marketing to Social Consumer Centric™ marketing. We know this will help you avoid the web and email pratfalls that are happening to way too many merchants. We will also guarantee that our innovative Social programs will succeed for your business because when you give a consumer more of what they want and do it frequently they BUY MORE. It’s that simple.

So take the first step. Let me know what your schedule looks like in the next couple of weeks for a virtual meeting and we’ll get our conversation started.



Jeffery Giesener
ShoppeSimple Network

PS. Please feel free to forward this email to a friend or colleague.