Being King is Great? …ideas from ShoppeSimple

From: Jeffery Giesener – CEO – ShoppeSimple

Do you go to work feeling that that your business is functioning in a stable world? Is everything looking bright for 2011?

If you did some solid soul searching are you mostly working to maintain the status quo?

What do I mean…here are some scary signals to look for:
How many new marketing channels in the last 2 years have been added to your marketing mix?
How many of these new channels are generating a minimum of 5-10% of your total online sales?
What would happen if your top two marketing channels disappeared?
Of your total online business, what percentage is your #1 marketing channel?
How many new marketing technologies have you tried in the last 3 years?
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By looking in your rear view mirror, have you been watching what has happened in the marketing world? In both Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” and Clayton Christensen’s book the “Innovator’s Dilemma” both have described a new marketing paradigm that has changed the marketing playing field. They call it the “New Leverage”.

Marketing used to be about pushing products to consumers. Pushing a “Fire Hose” of your product catalog and forcing consumers to sift through thousands if not tens of thousands of products to find what they want. Marketing used to force consumers back to websites and make them navigate the site, as the merchant wants them too.

But no more… as all of this has changed. Today’s “new leverage” has moved to the consumer and now they decide which product offers are relevant to them and which ones they want to share on their social communities (like Facebook/Twitter/YouTube) and mobile Smartphones.

Are You Old School or New School?

Many people admire what is new school, stylish and hip. These people also drag those who cling to the staid, the past and the respected into the future. And if you haven’t noticed New School has been here for a while now. You obviously know that Facebook just passed 600 Million users and Morgan Stanley mentions in their Trend Study last year that 50% of all e-Commerce will be done on a Smartphone by 2014.  Heck that is just 3 years from now.

The “F” word…yes…FEAR!

So if you are like many of the companies we speak with, why have you not jumped into either Social or Mobile Commerce or both?

Of course, the shift to greater social connectedness will continue to move forward in 2011.  But will your business? At a recent conference about social media in Boston, not one of the 500 attendees was below the age of 30. As a result, a lot of the discussion about social media was that of fear, uncertainty and doubt. So is the slowness to adapt to Social and Mobile due to…
FEAR of failure?
Unwillingness to try something that is out of your comfort zone?
Concern over your position or protecting it?
Because you are under pressure to make ROI and do not know if you can get an acceptable ROI through Social and Mobile?
Or you tried social already and have yet to make it perform for your business.

If any of the above is a concern, let’s put those FEARS aside and get into a ShoppeSimple discussion. Not only will you be comfortable that each of these concerns will be protected, we will offer you a program that guarantees you results and a solid ROI. It can’t be stated any simpler than that.  So give me a call or just simply reply to this email.

And as the Leader of your organization, now is the time for a New Year…New Leverage and at ShoppeSimple we have cracked the code on both Social and Mobile Commerce. In just a brief conversation we can assess the opportunity for your business to tap into what our other clients have already seen. Serious Closing!

Onward…to a successful 2011!