Being Candidate Centric…

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO –

Imagine if your Passive Job Candidates would suggest how they want to be recruited?

Imagine if you could distribute job postings to where your Passive Job Candidates are (Facebook personal profile page, on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, their MyHome pages, email and of course Mobile)!

The Result? More Qualified Candidates.

I know some of the many challenges in today’s Talent Acquisition world are balancing all that’s on your plate. And in many cases you have to do more with fewer resources this year than last. Plus as Passive candidates increasingly turn to Social and Mobile Networks to do their career research they have begun to steer their own job search. Did you know Social Networks now account for over 48% of total recruiting? *

I was visiting with a prospective client last week and this HR Executive waived an Excel report and said “ OMG I need to recruit 75 new positions this quarter. I just don’t know where I am going to get these candidates?”

“She also said, what used to work for us in the past like Monster ads and LinkedIn postings are just not generating the same quality or quantity of applicant flow that they used too.” 

A Social Sourcing approach for your business…

  • Have you ever considered giving your Passive Job Candidates the opportunity to pre-select themselves into your job postings of their choosing on any Social or Mobile Network?
  • Have you made it one-click easy to have your employees and Job Candidates to share your job postings and career information with their Likes, Shares, Tweets and Retweets, Google+ Followers, texting on Mobile or sending them to their email contacts? Plus protecting your candidate’s data is something you want to be careful about as using a 3rd-party sharing tool could expose your business to violating your own privacy policy.

At we believe in giving your best Job Candidates (your Passive ones) the keys to driving their Social career conversations and interactions with your HR Team. We do this in a number of interesting ways using our integrated Social, Mobile and Data Management Sourcing Solutions.

Now you’ll have Social and Mobile Career Centers that integrate Sourcing across all of the major Social and Mobile Networks and they work on autopilot. You’ll get all of these Social Career Centers at an affordable fee and delivered in less than 45 days.

Plus, our proprietary Sharing Widget creates an incredible viral BUZZ about your jobs, career conversations and your brand.

We do this by sitting on top of your ATS system (any of them) as a Social Plug-in and deliver your job posts to Social and Mobile without any of your IT Teams involvement, expense or your HR Teams project management. That means no IT resources needed for implementation, Period.

You’ll know it works because we’ll show you the sources of your applicant flow through our social enterprise analytics. Now you’ll see the ROI and value of the program not to mention all the other intangibles we create for your brand. Yes it is that simple. We Guarantee It.

The result of our customized Social job targeting is that your Talent Acquisition efforts will see a higher, better-qualified applicant flow from key Social and Mobile demographics that you are not fully reaching today.

So let’s take the first conversation step together.  Let me know what your schedule looks like in the next couple of weeks for a virtual meeting and we’ll get our Social conversation started. Email me at or ring me up at 612-349-2740. Or stop by the SourceMob booth at the LEHRN Conference on February 29th  here in the Twin Cities MN.



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