Are you pushing jobs at your Candidates?

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

I had the pleasure of taking part in a few prospective client presentations last week and the consistent theme was

  • Why is my career traffic down from last year?
  • What are my Career, Social and Mobile analytics telling me?
  • How much do I know or don’t know about my Cost Per Hire?

Where Are My Candidates?

So let’s take a closer look at what is happening here. Hmmm…Career site traffic was flat to down but you also know Facebook traffic is exponentially exploding So are Twitter and Google+. Mobile is growing even faster. Understanding that the growth of Social and Mobile Recruiting is key to Talent Acquisition strategies is something I have been coaching for years now.

Do you know your best Candidates are moving away from job boards andyoung professionals are only casually familiar with LinkedIn. As you know, LinkedIn primarily focuses on established professionals. All the stats support that your Candidates are on Social and Mobile networks in scaling numbers.

SourceMob analytics consistently show Candidatesare no longer coming back to career websites for jobs posts as they did 2-3 years ago.

On the contrary, they are demanding that you engage and begin a career conversation with them, wherever they are in social media and/or on their mobile devices.

During these meetings I asked… and how would you answer the following…

  • Do you know your career website, social and mobile visits? To what depth and frequency?
  • How do your Social and Mobile metrics impact on your Candidate Apply rates?
  • When was the last time you put yourself in your Candidates’ shoes and filled out your Candidate application?
  • Have you tried to optimize your Candidate experience from campaign through Apply, then into and through your ATS pages, finally reviewing the metrics of your hiring process? Do you know how this review would impact your Cost Per Hire?
  • Who at your organization is doing the analysis? How senior is this person?

Facebook has topped 1 Billion subscribers and many of these subscribers are your potential Candidates, not to mention their extended networks. This is the same for Twitter and Google+.

The Morgan Stanley Trend Report predicts by 2014 that half of all eCommerce will be done on a mobile device. As a result, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that your future Candidates are all over Social and Mobile searching for jobs.

Stop the Push…Get more hires…Lower Your Cost Per Hire…

Have you ever thought about stopping the push of your job posts and advertising to your Candidates? And instead let them select the conversations, job content and location they want.

Would you know how to do this?

Do you have the right solutions to do this?

This is the “Pull” not “Push” model of connecting to Social and Mobile enabled Candidates. Social and Mobile Candidates are not who you think they are. But every day we still see the legacy approach (and perhaps “LAZY” approach) to hitting Candidates with a fire hose of jobs that are irrelevant to them.

Is your ATS Pushing Job Posts At Your Candidates?

So why do you want to wait, hold out and cling to the past Candidate acquisition ideas, when you can test new ones easily and quickly and affordably.

Social Recruiting is more than the latest buzzword.  It works!

SourceMob doesn’t push your job posts or conversations at your Candidates. What your Candidates receive is what they WANT and ASKED FOR. And they get these posts 365 days a year on their Personal Social and Mobile Pages.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific Talent Acquisition objectives.  With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and or Mobile Social and Mobile recruitment program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy. To start the process, just indicate your interest in a no-obligation phone discussion by replying to this email at or giving me a call at 612-349-2740 and we will be in touch with you to start the process immediately.

Best Regards,


Jeffery Giesener



Twitter: @SourceMob