9 Ways To Grow Your Company Culture


We all want to work in a happy, productive and rewarding environment. We all want to get up and be happy to go to work, everyday. Company culture is a vital ingredient to achieving true employee happiness, wellbeing, productivity and engagement, if your culture doesn’t encourage and reward these values then you need to change, today. If your employees aren’t happy where they are then they’ll look elsewhere, and be less productive in the process. Getting your culture right is something that you should be doing asap, here’s how…..

1) Assess the current situation

Take an open and honest look at your current culture, and make a note of what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Can you further enhance the areas that do work? What can be done to change and improve those areas that aren’t working?
These are all things that you need to ask yourself, and discuss with your management team and employees.

2) Communicate and discuss

Speaking and, more importantly, listening to your workforce builds trust and respect,which are essential elements of any successful and positive company culture. Ask your employees what they believe are the positives and negatives of working for your business. It’s important that employees feel that they can give an honest opinion, without fear of being scorned.
Holding an open forum will also serve as a reminder of the positives, as employees discuss these openly with their colleagues and suggestions on how to improve the ‘not so great’ elements can be taken.

3) Weed out the whiners

It may be that your company has it’s whiners, those employees that always see the negative in everything. These are the people that shouldn’t be part of, and will hinder the progression of, a positive and successful culture. These people should change their ways and be sincere about it, or leave.
A negative influence within a  company will damage morale, productivity of those around them and the culture as a whole, and there’s no room for such an influence in your new company culture.

4) Enable

Enabling your employees to collaborate, achieve their objectives and go home at the end of each day will a feeling of a job well done is key to your culture. Frustration is not a feeling you want within your workforce. Not being able to do your job, or even certain tasks, will lead to such feelings. Enable your employees to communicate effectively, collaborate and simply do their job to the best of their ability.
If there’s something required by an employee then let them know that they can ask, and that their request will be taken seriously.

Work/life balance of your employees should also be taken seriously. Flexible working and working from home are two important elements of a happy employee. Allowing your staff to manage their personal lives and responsibilities by working from home if required, or changing their work pattern is not only a sign that you, as a brand, care about your employees, but will also improve productivity and morale.

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