8 Tips On Optimizing Your Mobile Candidate Experience

….HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob.com – CEO

Mobile – Faster and Better Recruiting

At the end of the day, mobile is really about communication – faster and better communication – the momentum and adoption by candidates is scaling like never before. Today’s candidates are texting, talking, communicating, job searching and watching company videos – all on their mobile phones and Tablets.

Here are 8 key ideas on optimizing the mobile experience for your candidates and your recruiting business:

  1. Before you jump into mobile ask yourself a few important questions:  Who owns mobile within the Talent Acquisition Team? How can you offer a unique mobile experience?  Who should you work with? How can you stop mobile defection and drive new applicant flow? What can you do to drive continued mobile candidate engagement? What does your mobile future look like and how can you ensure you take advantage of the exploding mobile candidate adoption?
  2. First get the mobile platform right. Companies know that building your mobile strategy is essential and they know the importance of working with the right partners.
  3. Native apps: make sure you know what you are getting into when you decide on purchasing native apps? Consider the upgrade platform fees, ongoing maintenance fees and continued hidden marketing expense.
  4. Mobile web versus native app?  Why should you choose to build on a mobile web platform over a candidate native app because mobile web works across all web-enabled devices, is faster to launch, typically much less expensive long-term, easier to update, and because there is no functionality that the mobile web couldn’t provide compared to a native app. There is also no ongoing marketing expense chasing mobile users to upgrade to your latest career app platform upgrade. Once downloaded do you even know who they are and have the permission to contact them?
  5. Remember that mobile is the ultimate in permission-based marketing and is the most sensitive to losing that permission.
  6. Think about what career assets you have and how you can mobilize them. Make sure you make your career site mobile friendly. Enable candidates to view your job without pinching and zooming. List career posts by category and make them mobile responsive. Give candidates the mobile opportunity to easily apply directly to your career posts.
  7. Include “Why Work Here” videos so your candidates can see first hand your culture. Video is a huge part of the mobile experience.
  8. Doing Student and Job Career Fairs? Are you getting inundated with paper resumes and business cards without have the mobile organizational tools to help? Isn’t time to mobilize this effort and bring efficiencies to your career fair experience for your recruiters?

Mobile is a Candidate Service Thing

The final message: Mobile is not a web thing. It’s really a customer service thing. When you treat mobile recruiting as an extension of your Talent Acquisition strategy your setting up success for your company, your brand, your candidates and their ability to engage with you. Bottom line: a lower defection rate, lower recruiting costs and a faster job fill rate.

No Two Talent Organizations are Alike…

Did you know that 40% of all viewing on mobile happens at home. So remember to focus your recruiting to be viewed at home too.
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