8 Job Search Mistakes You Need to Avoid

By Tess via Portico Staffing

The whole tiresome process of finding a job can quickly become confusing to anyone, particularly if you are switching careers or starting a new one. Common job search mistakes can become difficult lessons to learn along the way. However, you do not have to fall into these traps. Instead use this as a guide for avoiding the 8 biggest job search mistakes to increase your chances of landing a rewarding new job sooner.

#1 – Poorly Written Resume and Cover Letter

If there’s one thing you do well in your job search, it’s to create a well-written and designed resume and cover letter. Recruiters read through literally thousands of cover letters and resumes every week and they will quickly toss a poorly written set into the garbage can. Get yours written (or at least reviewed) by a professional writer, and by all means – spelling and grammar checks are your best allies.

#2 – Focusing on Advertised Jobs Alone

While it’s certainly a good measure to apply to job openings that are advertised online, there’s a large number of unadvertised jobs to be found elsewhere. Temporary staffing agencies, career fairs, business networking events, and the career section of your targeted companies should also be explored for new opportunities.

#3 – Not Having a Professional Social Network Presence

With a majority of recruiters searching for additional information about candidates on their social networks, you could be making a big mistake by not cleaning yours up. Take the time to develop your social networks as a reflection of yourself as a professional in the industry you are passionate about. Use a great photo, add valuable content, and keep your personal life separate from your work life.

#4 – Lack of Career Search Support or Mentoring

The job search process can be a long and frustrating one, filled with disappointments and confusion. One of the mistakes you could be making is not seeking support from a career coach or mentor. This is someone who has the resources to help you find a job and gives you the mental support you need to succeed.

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