7 LinkedIn profile tips for job seekers

Courtesy of Spherion

How are you promoting your personal brand? Social media presents you with many avenues for showcasing your unique value to the online world. Based on the numbers, LinkedIn proves to be one of the best places to make a professional statement that reaps results!

With more than 175 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has become a leading tool in the hands of key decision makers, executives and recruiters. According to a Jobvite study, 73 percent of hires through social media involved a LinkedIn search—evidence that the time and thought you put into crafting a compelling profile can pay big dividends!

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal selling tool. What you say and how you say it will determine how effectively it works for you. With that in mind, here are 7 tips that will help you create an impressive profile that produces results:

      1. Build off your resume, don’t duplicate it. They are two separate tools and should be treated as such. Your LinkedIn profile should complement your resume, while providing more insight and depth into you as a professional.
      2. Treat your headline as a personal branding statement. Use it to define what makes you unique and valuable. If this is the only line the reader sees, give them a good reason to read on.
      3. Inject personality and passion into your summary. Give the reader something that grabs their interest, fosters a connection and distinguishes you professionally. Show your personality and demonstrate your zeal for what you do—this is your opportunity to shine as an individual!
      4. Use an email address that is professional, not questionable. Don’t use your work email.
      5. Include a professional headshot. This makes your profile more personal and helps your audience put a face to the name.
      6. Take a 360-degree approach to telling your story. Paint a picture of who you are that integrates color, contrast, definition and detail. Convey what makes you a great professional and what defines you as an individual.
      7. Update your status regularly. It’s important to keep your profile current, relevant and rich with content that will spark the interest of others. A simple status update could lead to new opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile has the potential to open doors in your career, so make the most of it!

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