Sourcing Trends To Watch For in 2016

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

This is my fourth annual “Trends To Watch For” report for the social and mobile recruiting industry. Below are key recruiting trends that you should be bringing to your organization in 2016.

Sourcing Trends To Watch In 2016

Mobilize Everything

Candidates increasingly are using the smartphones and Tablets to search and apply to jobs.

Google recently reported that more than 70% of candidates now search jobs on their mobile phones. reported that there is between 40-90% candidate defections from apply pages that are not mobile enabled. Plus Deloitte reported that by 2018, 50% of the workforce would be 24-34 years olds.

Guess what – this 24-34 age group is already deeply involved with mobile and social media and their engagement will continue to skyrocket over the next several years.

But are your Talent Acquisition efforts ready?

These stats are even more impactful when you consider the international mobile market. Consider that Asia, EU, and other parts of the world have even higher mobile penetration rates than we do here in the US. However the even bigger surprise is that only around 10% of US companies have mobile enabled career pages and apply process to make it easy for candidates to apply from their mobile phones and Tablets.

Brand Your Career Pages

The search for top talent is increasingly getting tougher and will continue to be in 2016. Finding your superstars in hard to recruit niche positions will continue to be difficult and as a result even more expensive per hire.

Recruiting times they are quickly a changing from what we have gotten used to in the years past. Why? Because many of our “old schools” recruiting tactics just aren’t working like they used to. The proof: you can’t find the candidates you need in your specialized job categories or the cost to find them is skyrocketing.

One of the keys to making an impact in lowering recruiting costs is to rebrand your career pages and provide a candidate experience that is “sticky”. Providing a positive experience that gives your candidates a reason to return to your career pages frequently to check for newly posted jobs and/or engage directly with your recruiters in real-time.

Are your recruiters able to get into chat discussions with candidates while they are on your candidate pages?

You must also make your Career Pages mobile responsive so candidates can engage in two-way conversations with your recruiters on their smartphones and Tablets.

Get Serious About Your HR Analytics

Every HR Professional is interested in lowering their cost of recruitment. But it is also amazing how many of the HR Pros I speak with do not have a on-demand analytic solution that can manage and track campaign analytics, highlight costs of applies and hires. Why is that? Well traditionally HR Departments were not tasked to support their cost center budgets but that environment is quickly changing. The 2014+ trends in recruiting are for HR Departments to capture relevant recruiting data and make sure they are providing their upper management a Return on Recruiting Investment (RORI). In the future responsibility for RORI will be tasked to the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) and his Team.

Image if you were called into the C-Level suite would you be able to share where you campaign analytics RORI are both succeeding and failing? Would you know in real-time what your cost per hire by marketing channel is and how to optimize them? These Key Performance Indexes (KPI) are coming to the HR world.

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Jeffery Giesener