Turning Facebook Likes into Buyers…ideas from The ShoppeSimple Network

Like many of the merchants we are speaking with are you also placing emphasis around marketing on Facebook?

Are you capturing a Facebook “Likes” database?

To grow your Likes are using email broadcasts, sweepstakes, couponing and free shipping promotions?

Is all of this working for you?

  • In fact, a study from Jive Software and Penn, Schoen & Berland found 78% of executives thought a social business strategy was important to the future success of their business. Most companies now recognize a well-crafted social media strategy and implementation plan is a vital part of their marketing mix.
  • eMarketer states that Social media and Facebook marketing has gained its place at the online marketing table. eMarketer estimates 80% of companies with at least 100 employees will use social networks for marketing this year, up from nearly three in four last year. By 2012, usage will be even greater, and, in turn, efforts are becoming more sophisticated.

For those of us who have been around the online marketing game long enough, capturing Facebook Likes reminds me of how we built an email database in the mid-late 90’s. Yes, I am showing my age but Internet business cycles do repeat themselves. I am glad to see lot’s of the Internet 500 merchants working so hard to capture Facebook Likes.

But now having asked these same merchants the critical follow up question “what are you doing to drive sales from these Likes?” You could see an obvious marketing disconnect. You see blank stares. There is current market confusion and a lack of clarity on how to monetize Facebook Likes. None of them had a solid plan and none were acting on a plan.

But frankly this is also where your Facebook social marketing opportunity lies. More on this in a minute…keep reading….

Just think about the Like capture as probably one of the most important assets you have going forward for your social business. Just like your email database, your Like database when you monetize it can develop into a whole new revenue channel for your business. Wouldn’t you want to jump in and get started now not a year from now? Wouldn’t you want that revenue for your Holiday fourth quarter sales?

So let’s take a look at what merchants are doing now to generate sales through Facebook Likes…

Most merchants today are simply creating an offer or promotion and then posting it on their Wall. This way their Likes can see your offers and they can share them with their friends and family. Yup…pretty straight forward and a good start but here is the rub?

SSN Point of View (POV) There is a significant challenge and hurdle to posting offers or promotions on the Facebook Wall of your consumer. It isn’t obvious but it soon will be. And, here it is …

Facebook users don’t necessarily want to see their Wall plastered with advertising posts from merchants that they have Liked. Frankly it is disrespectful in a social age where permission to advertise is the key.

Just because some one has Liked you didn’t mean they gave you permission to advertise to them. Also remember you are just one of several merchants who this consumer has Liked and if they are all choosing to sell through Wall posts just imagine how you and other merchants are cluttering up your consumer’s Facebook Wall.

Do you really want the Facebook Wall to soon look like a cluttered email inbox? And if that happens just image how fast a consumer will rebel and opt-out. They are already.

As such it is my prediction, soon you will start to see your Likes being reduced for this very reason. Just like your opt-out email, Facebook has made it easy for you to post Wall advertising. Facebook has made it easy for you to capture Likes and Facebook has made it easy for your consumer to remove Likes. And that could mean yours.

Further and I want to stress this…think about just how quickly Wall posts disappear below the fold when a consumer has many merchant Likes along with all of their friend posts hitting their Wall.

At The ShoppeSimple Network we enable your business to monetize Likes…

First let us build you a Facebook Daily Deals Store. Why a Daily Deal Store? Well we know and have proven this with client after client, that there is a segment of your customer file, which wants to see deals from you on a daily basis. They will opt-in to a daily deals program from your website, email, Facebook and mobile and as a result you will see from these customers a higher frequency of ordering, an increase in average order value, higher conversions and more brand impressions.

We will take over the effort of creating and distributing your Daily Deals without implementation costs to wherever your consumers are on the web or on mobile. With virtually no effort you will be in a position to communicate to your customers each and every day, highly relevant offers that they select and want to view on any of their social and mobile platforms.

Now the next step is to invite your Facebook Likes to add your Daily Deal Store to their individual consumers Facebook page. Yes, that’s right. ShoppeSimple’s Facebook  Daily Deal store can go where your consumer is on Facebook. So if you have thousands or tens of thousands of Facebook Likes imagine now how these consumers can be seeing your Daily Deals and sharing them with their friends and family. This is the power of viral marketing, which essentially doesn’t cost you an additional dime but drives new consumers and new sales to your business.

Just to repeat…every time you feed an offer or deal into your Daily Deal Store it may be seen by tens of thousands of your Likes on their Consumers Facebook pages.

So no more cluttering up your consumers Wall with posts they don’t want.  You now can own valuable Facebook real estate on your Consumer’s Facebook page which is specifically available for your store.

Plus using the ShoppeSimple web-based services your are in total control of your offers/new arrivals/full priced merchandise whatever offers you want to feature through your network of stores and at what discount if any. Additionally all the transactions are completed on your website so you bring Facebook and other social traffic back to your site. Protecting your consumer’s credit card safety is also important and we complete and analyze transactions all on your site.

What does all this cost you?  You simply pay us a small revenue share fee on orders or a monthly subscription fee (your choice). And, we guarantee that you must be satisfied with the program or you just don’t pay us.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you how you can turn your Facebook Likes into cash and become a new source for incremental revenue  for your business in time for the holidays.

Please simply get a hold of me at 612-349-2740 or jeff@shoppesimplenetwork.com  to begin our dialogue. Thanks in advance.



Jeffery Giesener

CEO and Founder

The ShoppeSimple Network