5 Ways to Look For a Job without Risking Your Current One

Many believe it is easier and more realistic to look for a job while you are still employed. This limits the pressure to accept any job offered due to life’s responsibilities; home mortgage, car loan, and credit card bills. It also lessens the gap between jobs on your resume. With that said, job hunting while you are still employed can also present its own set of issues. According to Jennifer Parris at Mashable there are 5 ways to appropriately look for a new job without the risk of losing the one you currently have.

  1. Don’t be obvious. Don’t be too obvious about searching for a new job. Strategically schedule your interviews before or after work, or take a day off and try to schedule a few of them for the same day.
  2. Don’t tell your coworkers. You might be excited to tell your team members about your job search. Keep in mind by sharing this information, even with a couple of close office friends, could potentially result in your boss finding out about your plans sooner than you had hoped.
  3. Don’t use office equipment. As is present in many organizations, your company might be monitoring your computer and/or internet search history. Save your online job searching and applying for after work on a device not provided by your company.
  4. Review your references. It is imperative to alert the hiring managers at the beginning of your job interviews that you are currently employed. This will limit the possibility of them reaching out to your current coworkers or boss for a reference.
  5. Excel in your current job. As you continue to search through online job listings, create memorable cover letters, interviewing and focusing all of your attention on finding a new job, don’t let your performance in your current position suffer.

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