5 Reasons Hiring New College Graduates Can Produce High ROI

Sure, new college graduates may lack the experience and insight you’d typically look for when hiring for your company. But there are also plenty of benefits to hiring them, including ones that can help you produce a higher return on your investment. Here’s a look at a few:

Reason #1: Less Money 

As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter can tell you that most college grads know the job market right now is not great, especially for their demographic. That’s not to say they are willing to take on any job. However, if you’re offering them an opportunity to get their foot in the door at a great company and learn from industry pros, even if the salary is less than stellar, most will jump at the chance.

Reason #2: Eager to Learn 

Most new college grads are still in the learning mindset. They’re used to going to class and reading everything they can get their hands on about a particular subject. They will have no problem continuing with this attitude once on the job. So how does it benefit you?

First, they will be self-motivated to learn all they can about the position and the company so they can do a great job. Also, if they are new to the industry, be sure to introduce them to the best industry publications, websites and resources so they can read up on news, trends and challenges. By doing so, they can come to the table with their own informed ideas and insight.

Reason #3: Learn New Technologies Fast 

New college grads have grown up with the Internet and laptops. And they can’t live without their smart phones and tablets. As a result, most are extremely comfortable with learning new technology and software programs. And in fact, they may even be more familiar with certain tools and applications than some of your senior staff.

Reason #4: They Can Adapt to Change

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and rapidly changing. To be successful in it, you have to be ready to adapt and change course. New college grads typically are much more willing to accept and adapt to change than older workers, looking at it as an excellent chance to learn and grow.

Reason #5: They are Team Players

Most projects require a solid team in order to get off the ground and produce positive results. And today, most college grads are solid team players. Perhaps it’s due to their use of social media, but working together often comes more naturally to this demographic.

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