5 Management Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Employees

Management Mistakes You Want to Be Aware Of.

Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned one, managing employees remains the most difficult thing supervisors must do as part of their jobs. This is because humans are unpredictable creatures, capable of doing unexpected things at times. That’s the thrill of being a manager in any business climate, and it’s probably what attracted you to this role, because no two days are ever the same at work.

Even if the sailing has been smooth so far, chances are good that you may be making one or more of these common management mistakes with your employees.

1) Complacency

No matter how good things have been going or how great you’re doing as a manager, the worst thing you can do is stop moving forward by getting too comfortable. You must always strive to learn new management techniques and strategies, new ways to build your team, and ways to be a better manager. Otherwise you’re just treading water. Don’t fall into the trap of complacency or you may find yourself quickly replaced.

2) One-Size-Fits-All Management Philosophy

People are different. The people you manage are all unique individuals who require something different from you as a manager. A one-size-fits-all philosophy means you’re not adequately rewarding those who stand out above the rest. It also means you could fail to make accommodations for some employees that would increase productivity because the same accommodations for other employees diminish productivity.

3) Providing Too Little Information to Employees

The flip-side of sharing too much information is providing employees with too little information. Failing to provide any information at all can really lead to rumors that are not only unproductive, but may also lead to unnecessary stress and/or fear among rank and file employees. A little bit of information from you can prevent any unnecessary concerns from taking over the workplace and eliminate rumors.

4) Closed Minded Approach to Management

It’s important to invite open dialogue from your employees. If you aren’t receptive to their input and ideas, it’s easy to miss out on the innovations that are necessary for businesses to grow and succeed. Never ridicule or put down brainstorming efforts of employees and find new and creative ways to award feedback and discourse. Even though what you say ultimately goes, allowing employees to feel as though their contributions are heard and appreciated goes a long way towards building employee morale. More importantly, it will improve your relationship with the people who work for you by creating a team atmosphere.

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