0-17 – 19%

18-24 – 9%

25-34 – 18%

35-44 – 25%

45-54 –19%

55-64 – 10%

65+ — 3%

Just like every merchant we speak with, I am sure you have your website age demographics mapped out like the chart above shares. But more often than you can imagine, we are surprised when a prospective client says that their customer demographic is just not actively on social media or ready for mobile.

·       Have you been in meetings and heard the same thing?

·       Has your organization been using these same excuses to not move forward into Social and Mobile Commerce?

If you your business is geared to selling to an old demographic (55+) would you believe that your audience is not into Social or Mobile yet? And if so…that it is too soon for you to devote time and company resources to Social or Mobile? …or you may have thought you have higher priorities for your online business.

Interestingly enough, the demographic age dispersion data shown in the chart about is not taken from a typical client website, it is taken from the Google Research Report on the demographic age dispersion from all Social Media for the US during 2010.

So let’s relook at the data and determine exactly where your customer is hanging out in Social and Mobile?

But first things first, I can tell you that more and more of your consumers are no longer coming back to your website as the preferred path to hear your brand message.  Yes… you may get a jolt from that one… but statistics show that your consumers are no longer relying on your website or opening your email. But you don’t need me to tell you that. You can see this everyday in the defection reports from your website’s analytics, site time studies and your declining opens and click through reports from your email broadcasts.

So what does this Google Report mean for your business?

Ø  44% of Total Social traffic is within the 35-54 age demographic group.

Ø  27% of Total Social traffic is within the 18-34 age demographic group.

Ø  13% of Social traffic is within the 55+ age demographic group.

Further according to “Moore’s Law” which states  5 years from now is a factor of ten meaning that technology will be capable of far more in five years than they are today. I would suspect with the exponential growth of social and mobile over the last 5 years the “Moore’s Law” factor for Social and Mobile is an exponential three year time period. So to this point, by 2014, (just 3 years from now) Morgan Stanley in their Trend Study predicts 50% of all e-commerce will be accomplished on a smartphone device. And you must also already know there is a natural affinity between Social and Mobile. In fact, Facebook indicates 40 Million+ US Facebook subscribers access their pages through their mobile device.

So now let’s reapply the above metrics to just the Facebook platform and look at the relative scale using Facebook’s 146 Million US subscribers as of January 2011.

Ø  In the 35-44 age demographic with 44%; Facebook has 66 Million subscribers (est).

Ø  In the 18-34 age demographic with 27%; Facebook has 39 Million subscribers (est)

Ø  And in the 55+ age demographic with 13%; Facebook has 19 Million subscribers (est)

These are today’s numbers now scale them to a 3X.

So what do the above demographics tell you about your business? If in as little as three years and with a Moore’s Law factor of 3 about where will you be servicing your consumers in the future? I think the answer is very clear.  But is it clear to you? Your Marketing and IT Team?

Social and Mobile is not going away…it isn’t slowing down or disappearing and if you are ignoring Social and Mobile in 2011 it is at your own personal peril not only your compan’ys.

Bottom line: Don’t you want to begin a social/mobile conversation that engages and listens to every demographic? don’t you want to begin starting a conversation, engaging and listening to every demographic Social and Mobile segment above including your young and older ones.

So do you think any of the above excuses hold any water when you look at the enormity of the opportunity for your business to start having Social and Mobile conversations today…Waiting only will enable your competitor to seize upon the current opportunity and leap frog your business.

At The ShoppeSimple Network, we help our clients get started in Social and Mobile Commerce by simplifying the process. Essentially we have put together a Plug-N-Play Social and Mobile Loyalty Program that delivers guaranteed results. Results like the following…

๏     Client A – hit the $2,300,000 mark in ShoppeSimple Network social commerce sales after less than 6 months in the program. (cost of the program to the client was $13,000 per month).  Client prior to the program had 1 order from his 0-12 month buyer file. During the six month program period 40,400 consumers bought an additional order and 13% bought 2+ orders

๏     Client B launched before Thanksgiving and sold $475,000 in social commerce sales through The ShoppeSimple Network. (cost of the program to the client was $5,250 per month). The ShoppeSimple Network program generated 5,380 orders each at a 38% increase in average order

๏     Client C – hit $296,000 in m-commerce sales in 75 days using the ShoppeMobi service of The ShoppeSimple Network (cost of the program to the client was $2,000 per month). The ShoppeMobi program generated 1,816 orders at $162 per order which increased average order by 25%

We do all of this for an affordable monthly subscription fee and we will have your program up and running in less than 10 days without any implementation fees of any kind or your IT resources required. There are also no commissions, tolls or maintenance fees of any kind. It is just that simple and we guarantee results… like a 30% return in 30 days or you just don’t pay us.

What also separates The ShoppeSimple Network from other Social or Mobile companies is you simply can outsource the overall program operation to us.   With just one click all of the Social and Mobile outlets your consumers use will receive instant content from you. So if you are resource constrained we have you covered there too. Also all of your transactions are completed on your website so your data and your consumer’s information including credit card data stays safe and secure. No checkouts on Facebook or Mobile hosts. The ShoppeSimple Network therefore aligns with your website’s Privacy Policy.

Why not take the next step and reply to this email or phone me up 612-349-2740 and we can get a discussion going so you and your team can see firsthand how we can help you drive new unbudgeted sales for your business in 2011.



PS. We just finished our February Webinar entitled “Who Is Stealing Your Customers” if you are interested to receive it just send me an email and we will deliver an electronic copy right to your desk.