25% of Google Paid Search now on a Mobile Devise

The State of Mobile Sourcing…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob.com

25% of Google Paid Search now on a Mobile Devise

What’s Your Mobile Talent Acquisition Strategy?

Marin Software has released “The State of Mobile Search Advertising and the study provides more evidence of how “Search” is being profoundly affected by Mobile devices. In almost every category there’s triple-digit growth according to the report, which projects that smartphones and tablets will combine to generate 25% of all Google’s paid search clicks in the US by the end of 2012.”

Plus according to Morgan Stanley by 2014, 50% of all ecommerce sales will be done on Mobile/Tablet devises and in England they are already there.

So if Mobile is already playing such a significant role in Search, one would assume your Candidates are performing career searches on their mobile devices and according to SourceMob data they already are.

At SourceMob we are looking for 10 companies to BETA our Mobile Sourcing Platform. Will you be one of them at a 50% Savings?

At SourceMob we provide fully functioning Mobile Career Center that instantly become part of your Talent Acquisition and Social Sourcing efforts. In fact, we just plug into your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS). You will be amazed just how fast your will see new Candidate traffic from all your new Social and Mobile Career Centers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile). And our Enterprise Analytics and Professional Services proof this to our Client’s everyday.

With SourceMob your job content automatically distributes to all of your Career Centers including Mobile that we build for you. And when you post new job content into your ATS, SourceMob then distributes this content to all your Career Centers instantly. So no up-front IT implementation or on-going manual resources needed from your IT or HR Teams. Plus when your Candidates bookmarks relevant jobs they are interested in they then can Share, Follow, Tweet, Circle, email, text and of course Apply using our anonymous, data-protected and proprietary Sharing widget. Your data is your data and it is permissioned by your Candidate and in sync with your Privacy Policy.

The SourceMob platform isn’t only about delivering job postings you can distribute any sort of content to your Candidates or Employees (passwords protection is available) within your Career Centers. Obviously distributing relevant content is KING. Effective Social and Mobile Sourcing is about earning your audience’s permission and delivering relevant and actionable content within a pure-permission structure. When you do the above you establish the relevant conversations both with your Candidates (Passive and Active) and Employees.

What is your ROI?

Looking for Companies to BETA our Analytics Platform

A underpinning and fundamental component of your Talent Acquisition strategy is to know where your traffic is coming from, Mobile or Social, Job Boards, LinkedIn, Search, Indeed.com or any of your referring links. But it amazes me just how few companies actually know their Career Page visit rates, conversion by spend, referring links, hires by source and their ultimate metric hiring ROI?

All of these stats are key determinates in getting you an optimized Apply ROI.

Using SourceMob Enterprise Analytics and our Professional Services you will know everything you want to know about your HR traffic metrics and goal conversions. Plus this knowledge managed in the right way will enable you to optimize your hiring ad spend processes and that will make a massive difference to your hiring budget and to the efficiency of hires you make.

In just one week after turning on their Social and Mobile Career Centers using SourceMob Social Solutions our clients Apply rates jumped at a lower add spend and yours will too. We have the years of eCommerce, Social and Mobile experience so we can Walk the Talk and Prove It To You.

We are currently looking for clients to help us with a BETA for our Mobile and Analytics Components. Do you want to get on the ground floor with SourceMob? Our growth is staggering and as such, let us show you how our Mobile Sourcing and Analytical solutions are working for our clients today.

Engage and Converse using SourceMob…

At SourceMob we help you engage with your Passive Candidate through our suite of Candidate Conversations Solutions.

  • We will build your Social and Mobile Career Centers that engage in Candidate conversations
  • We Auto-pilot your job content without the use of your IT Team or any HR Program Management
  • We help you source your Passive Candidates who are not easy to find
  • We help you grow your HR focused Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and Google+ Circles
  • We provide Professional Services to grow your Social and Mobile Sourcing opportunities including analyzing and optimizing a host of analytic metrics to streamline your hiring processes
  • We provide a unique proprietary Sharing Tool that syncs with your Privacy Policy.
  • We enable you to have on going Social and Mobile conversations and

engagement with all your Candidates and get them hired

To learn more simply ring me up at 612-349-2740 or email me at mailto:jeff@sourcemob.com for a conversation and short virtual presentation. Visit our website at SourceMob.com to learn more.



Jeffery Giesener