2016 Is All About HR Adaptation and Transformation

HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob.com



Guess What? With Internet Recruiting, You’re Always Open 24/7! In 2016, like never before your selling your candidates online or wherever they are whether on the web, social or on mobile. You are selling candidates 24/7 and people from all over the world need to be able to locate your Career Website, clearly understand your job descriptions and easily determine why they need and want to work for your organization.


Wow The Candidate Or Loose Them To A Competitor! When was the last time you looked at your hiring processes start-to-end? When was the last time your asked your candidates to critique their apply experience? No longer is it acceptable to believe that your brand alone will support your candidate pipelines. If so:



  • Then why do you still have open positions?
  • Why is it still taking months to fill your niche positions?
  • Why do you have “quick quits”?


With more competitive recruiting options than ever, your candidates are hyper-empowered, and they know it – which means they’re very vocal, too. They are tracking every aspect of their hiring experience, and you can bet they’re going to tell you (not to mention the rest of the world) how you’re doing. So when it comes to wowing the candidate, the stakes are high: Not only is your candidate loyalty on the line—so is that of hidden candidates (active and passive), too.


Creating Talent Communities!

Do you start the process of recruiting all over again when you have a new recruiting requisition? What’s worse, have you added up the recruiting dollars you spend on these duplicate sourcing efforts? A growing trend in 2016, is adding your candidates to niche talent communities. Why? So you don’t have to start the entire recruiting process each and every time you need to recruit a new position. Instead you simply tap your Talent Communities to provide targeted candidates that have given you permission to stay in touch with them. The result is a reduction in cost of hire, time to fill and a more engaged candidate population.


Permission-based HR Marketing Engagement!

When was the last time you exported candidate emails from your Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) software and sent them an HTML email to stay connected to them? Why would you want to do this? Well inside of your ATS is probably your largest database of mostly untapped permission-based marketing candidate opportunity. Why not engage with these qualified candidates more frequently especially those who have recently applied but have yet to be hired? This way they will continue to feel good about your HR brand and you’ll keep them focused on your company, your HR Brand and the new jobs you have in your recruiting pipeline.


Leveraging Your Employees For Recruiting!

A Case Study: Company A has 2,500 employees. Each employee has 200 social connections. That means that your employee social network has more than 500,000 connections you could be leveraging for your recruiting. But are you? If you could increase your candidate pipeline by just ½ of 1% you would now have 2500 new applies most if not all are currently not on your radar. Plus if you target your employees in tough-to-fill positions you will find hidden gems of talent where you are currently not looking. What is the cost? Near FREE!


Data Matters!

Just having a good story isn’t enough. Data substantiates ideas. A long time ago, I learned quickly that if I was going to move an idea forward, I better have my facts ready. I might be a little biased here since I have a background in analytics, but in a corporate HR setting, data matters. A lot. The people who succeed in big companies know their way around important numbers and data, and they can talk about them with ease and confidence. Data is just as important in a small business, even if the numbers on the balance sheet and conference room tables are smaller. Entrepreneurs are great at having good ideas and trusting their gut. But to really scale an idea, you need to substantiate and measure it with data. In fact, in a small business, when you have fewer resources to work with, every dollar matters more. Knowing how and where to invest is critical.


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