15 Email Etiquette Tips for the Job Seeker


Despite an in-person or phone interview, the majority of your job search tasks can (and will) be done over the Internet, which makes email the most important form of communication in your job search.

  1. DO use an effective subject line with every email you send. More often than not, “No Subject” emails get deleted.
  2. DO keep your emails concise – grab the reader’s attention, but don’t drone on for paragraphs.
  3. DON’T use abbreviations, emoticons, or lingo when writing professional emails.
  4. DO include important information in your email signature, such as your phone number, website and social media handles.
  5. DON’T include attachments unless specifically instructed to do so. Most people do not trust attachments from strangers, as they could be spam or a virus.
  6. DO use proper spelling, grammar and formatting. After all, you’re trying to land a job, aren’t you?
  7. DO use a professional email address. If your current one is not professional, set up a new account specifically for job seeking. Preferably, make it some version of your first and last name so employers can easily remember it.

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