14 Things To Move From Fired To Hired In 2014

By Billie Sucher

  1. Do not start your job search by “throwing together” a résumé to “see what’s out there.”  Be deliberate, intentional and purposeful as you embark upon the career transition process.
  2. Respect yourself enough to know yourself – inside and out – before you “go to market.” Self-assessment is the place to begin.
  3. If you say “I don’t have money to hire help” then start reading and learning on your own. If you say “I don’t have access to a computer as the company kept mine when they fired me,” then see what you can do to get access to one. Borrow one? Go to the public library? Buy the extra one your buddy has sitting on the shelf collecting dust?
  4. Do not blame other people for your current status of “unemployment.” Own it. Manage it. Move on. What’s done is done and there’s no better time than the New Year to create a new beginning.
  5. Let go of negativity. Hiring managers don’t want to hear it; recruiters don’t what to hear it; and your family/friends for sure don’t want to hear it. Try this: Get a small notebook to drag around everywhere you go.  Listen to what you are saying. Each time you speak something negative, record it in your notebook. Do this for one solid month. At the end of the month, what – if anything – have you learned?
  6. No matter how difficult, challenging or tough your circumstances, decide that you are in charge of you and that you will make a promise to yourself to get a plan in place to move forward — not tomorrow, not next week – today!

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