10 Job Search Tips for the Busy Job Seeker

By Christopher Geno

These job search tips are targeted to both first-time job seekers and professionals getting back into the job market. If you’re looking for employment tips, use the following to make your life a little easier as you find a job.

Top Job Search Tips

1. Maintain a positive attitude

Finding employment can be difficult, so don’t make it worse for yourself. Stay upbeat, and take a day off once in a while if it’s been tough. This is especially important if you meet with a potential employer.

2. Do your research

Check out the company website, know the company mission statement or learn a little bit about the financials, sales, or any other important information you’re interested in.

3. Pick your job references now

Don’t wait until your prospective employer asks for them. Find three people who you know, preferably former employers or supervisors, and have their contact info handy.

4. Search for yourself

It’s not just for celebrities. Employers will use Internet search engines to find you, so you should too. Make sure you keep professional and positive information on the Internet, and if you find an old link to an inappropriate picture you can take steps to remove it.

5. Blog

This might not help you find employers, but it might help employers find you. If you’re passionate about your field, write about it. It can be fun and engaging. At best, establishing yourself as an online authority can invite job offers. At worst, it shows you’re passionate about your field.

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