Winning Social Recruiting Approaches …ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO


The London Olympics are just around the corner and if you want your organization to run like an Olympic team, you will quickly realize that recruiting top-tier talent is the key to bringing home the gold. A top-tier organization cannot grow without Social Recruiting. And if you are growing your organization with mediocre recruits, that has already damaged its future.

Today your sourcing efforts should include and focus on Social Recruiting. By that I mean using more than LinkedIn or job boards to secure your positions. Adding a Social Sourcing strategy, which is using all of the social networks -Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mobile along with LinkedIn to find your very best talent (Passive and Active), will dramatically expand your reach for Candidates.

But I am certainly not suggesting placing a fire hose of job posts on your Candidates’ Timelines  nor using a 3rd party sharing widget which may violate your Corporate Privacy Policy to share posts.

If you are serious about Social Sourcing, then you have to tighten up your ability to find and target the highly sought after Passive Candidates. You must start with a Social Sourcing strategy…

  • Fully know your recruiting targets — What makes working for your organization exciting?
  • Make a list of your organization’s top job selling features.
  • Develop stories for blogging, sharing and then become talked about.
  • Develop what it is like to work there…videos and place them on YouTube.

Top-Tier Candidates are increasingly no longer using job boards. With just 100 Million LinkedIn members compared to Facebook’s 1 Billion, your Gen Y Passive Candidates may have never even used LinkedIn since it is billed as a professional networking site. Plus 50% of jobs get filled without a job post (PR, investor information, Google Searching).

  • Did you know a recent 2012 report by Facebook states that the average person on Facebook spends over 8 hours per month? That is 16 minutes per day.
  • Did you know that 25% of all Google searches are now done on a Mobile/Tablet device?

So how many or your key candidates are on social networks or searching jobs through Google or Bing?

So Social Sourcing strategy and tactics are the key to executing a successful Social Recruiting plan.

Next, your Social and Mobile Candidates do not expect to be forced back to your career pages to find the jobs that are of interest to them. Instead, they expect your business to use the best of the Social Networking apps to have their preferred jobs come to them where and when they want them. Are you delivering job posts and conversations to social networks and through Mobile devices?

The SourceMob’s Suite of Career Solutions enables Corporate Talent Acquisition Professionals to speak directly to your Social and Mobile target candidate audience on their respective Social and Mobile/Tablet Networks. Our clients quickly begin (in less than 60 days) to tap into Social Sourcing because we distribute your job content, conversations and engagements directly to your Candidates’ Social Network personal profile pages, not to their Timelines. The value of using this innovation has proven to lower your cost per hire for our clients compared to the cost and time of “old school recruiting or paying for outside retained search firms.

Additionally, at SourceMob we build your own Social and Mobile Career Center (And we do this without involving your IT Team and their budget, or your HR management resources). In fact, the SourceMob solutions basically run on autopilot.

I’d recommend that we set up a time over the phone where we can get to know your specific Talent Acquisition objectives. With that understanding we can begin to design a Social and Mobile Social Recruitment program that will fit your company’s unique situation and strategy.

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Looking forward to hearing from you,


Jeffery Giesener



Twitter: @thegies