Who is the Enemy?

HR ideas…from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob.com


Every business has enemies, and in some circles they are also called “constraints.”

In the world of Talent Acquisition and HR, here are several enemies you may currently be dealing with.

  • Management doesn’t feel it’s important to update your Career site or make it mobile responsive.
  • Management doesn’t understand Social or Mobile recruiting and as a result, chooses to do nothing.
  • Management does not see an appropriate return on investment (ROI) or lacks an understanding of social and mobile recruiting.
  • Management has not considered funding for a better candidate experience as a priority. They leave the “old school” approach as is — saying if it worked before, it will work now.
  • Management says our Brand attracts all the talent we need. We don’t need to drive more talent into our pipelines or Talent Communities.
  • Our management culture doesn’t believe it is a priority to speak to candidates in social and mobile.
  • Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) isn’t mobile ready or can’t take a mobile apply, but that’s OK for 2015.

Does any of the above feel familiar? Are you dealing with the same issues in your organization?

If so, read on as I have been assisting business and Talent Acquisition departments around the country to develop strategies to hurdle these internal organizational obstacles. In fact, I have just completed a whitepaper called “The Top Ten Recruiting Essentials.” In the whitepaper you will take away lots of ideas on how you can overcome the above hurdles. You will also use the whitepaper to convince management to move forward now and not “kick the can” to 2016 or beyond.

I also am amazed how many times I hear there is just no more money left in our 2015 budget. That may be true, but there is a deeper issue management needs to consider. Have you stepped back to understand just how much money you are losing when a job goes unfilled? That is about $1,200 per day for a senior position. I just heard from a prospect we have been speaking withhas a niche position was still open after 221 days. That’s a loss of revenue of $265,000 dollars to their organization. If you hire the wrong person and they “quick quit,” it will cost your company more than three times their salary annually. For a person making $75,000, that is $225,000 or more lost, and that is just the loss of only one person.

Does your Management get to see these numbers, which are often lost in the bigger HR budget?

So how can you not consider updating your recruiting and syncing up with candidates who want engagement with your Recruiters? They want to do so on your Career Site, on Social Career channels and in mobile, along with mobile apply this year.

To get your very own e-copy of my Whitepaper just send me an email request with “LI

Whitepaper” in the subject and your name in the body. Email me at jeff@sourcemob.com or phone 952-417-6955


ABOUT SOURCEMOB: SourceMob links Internet, social, talent community and mobile recruiting solutions to help talent acquisition professionals recruit the very best candidates for tough-to-fill positions. It all starts with the redesign and/or build of a new Career Website. SourceMob proprietary software then distributes job content and conversations providing a job posting springboard to over 3.5 million candidate profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and all of the major search engines. Our solutions also enable Mobile Quick Apply and candidate application management services to create efficiencies and lower recruiting costs. We also help with candidate engagement through our ROI Analytics and HR Marketing solutions.


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