Where Does Your Recruiting Go Next? It’s Time for Tomorrowland!

HR…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – CEO – SourceMob.com



How much time do YOU spend distributing jobs into your social pages?

Now look around, it’s not just one social portal that is having an impact on recruiting. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Indeed and the major search engines are all having an impact on referring candidates to your jobs.

In fact, all social media is growing at exponential rates – from Twitter and blogs, to customer reviews and recommendations, and certainly not least YouTube – all of these social communication platforms are having a supercharged effect on how candidates interact, find your jobs and apply to them.

What does this mean for your organization?

  • Does it mean you can apply the same “old school” recruiting rules to recruiting? NO!
  • Does it mean you will force candidates to return to your Career website to view your jobs? NO!

Where does your recruiting go next?

  • You need to place your jobs where your candidates are. That’s social and mobile – 24/7.
  • You need to give them tools that enable a 2-way ability them to engage in social conversation with your recruiters..
  • You need to give passive candidates easy ways to follow your jobs through career alerts, talent communities and engagement campaigns.

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