The SourceMob Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a SaaS software application that helps organizations manage their recruitment efforts online.

A Proficient ATS Allows Recruiting Departments To:

  • Easily Organize Job Candidate Data
  • Pursue, Evaluate & Hire Applicants
  • Enable Job Listing Distribution
  • Push Jobs to Social Media
  • Create Assessments
  • Have Candidates Apply via Mobile Devices
  • Shorten Hiring Cycles
  • Create & Manage Requisitions
  • View Analytics on Demand
  • Manage Job Campaigns
  • Protect Applicant Information
  • Develop & Publish Job Requisitions
  • Implement a Background Check

The SourceMob ATS Includes All of the Above & More…

Mobile Optimization

The SourceMob ATS is completely mobile-responsive.  Totally mobile-responsive job searches, job descriptions and application forms create an exemplary experience for today’s candidates who are increasing accessing your career pages from smartphones, tablets or desktops.  Most notably, your application forms will seamlessly integrate with the ATS.

High defection rates from your mobile candidates will be history!

Analytic Visibility

The SourceMob ATS provides HR Professionals with a full slate of on demand analytic reports for campaigns, sourcing effectiveness, compliance, and hires – our ROI Calculator – to optimize your recruiting performance and prove ROI.  All reports can be downloaded to the analytical tool set you are using


As with all of the SourceMob solutions, our ATS adapts to your business needs, being highly scalable and customizable.  It is not merely a templated solution where you have to fit your hiring process into a predetermined path.  We work with our clients to fulfill their needs on everything from job categorization, simplified online application forms to your requisition management and hiring evaluation process.  Essentially, your SourceMob ATS is customized and built specifically for your business case needs.

Compliance Management

If your company is under regulation from government contracting, the SourceMob ATS takes care of EEO information collection on your customized application forms. The information is securely stored for required reporting, never displayed to the recruiter.

Creating Efficiencies

When efficiencies are created in several areas such as shortened hiring cycles, better data organization, integration of all the recruiting tools with the ATS, the results are inevitably lowering costs.

To learn more about SourceMob’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), please fill out the demo request form below, call us at 612-349-2740 or send us an email at