What I learned from my trip to Silicon Valley… ideas from The ShoppeSimple Network

After returning from several days in Silicon Valley last week some of the social and mobile concepts and ideas that came out of our VC meetings are valuable business lessons and I wanted to share them. More specifically, because the social commerce space is being defined literally as you read this it’s very easy to get off track.  If your resources are tight, like most merchants, here are three key takeaways that can help you apply them wisely . . .

  • Focus first on driving social and mobile sales from existing customers. Create a strategy to engage them wherever they are on social (Facebook, Twitter, Google, and mobile).  Just like you create segmentation in other parts of your business, now is the time to begin segmenting your house file into social and mobile enabled consumers.  Satisfy the existing customer group first and they will draw their friends into a new customer relationship when you give them the right social tools.
  • Capture and database social and mobile permissions around your customers and their family and friends. Then use these permissions to communicate future offers to your consumers on the social and mobile platforms they prefer.
  • Follow the analytics of your social and mobile consumers.  Find out which programs are generating social and mobile transactions and from which campaigns and build upon your successes.

Yes.  Our trip to Silicon Valley really helped us crystallize exactly what we do for merchants.

What we do to help your business…

Using sustaining social CRM principles we enable you to create, distribute and track relevant daily deals to your opt-in customers who buy and also share with friends on any social and mobile platform they prefer.

Now, have you thought about developing a new selling channel using daily

deals/offers or coupons? You may have considered it but do not have the margin to work with social coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social. By the way, most of the Internet 1000 do not either.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move into a social coupon-marketing channel (already $3 Billion in market value and soon to be $6 Billion) leveraging your own consumers, website, email, Facebook traffic and mobile assets which you market to all the time.

Why do this? Because a certain segment of your customer file has defined themselves to be deal buyers and is already using social couponing/daily deals to save money in this economy. So why shouldn’t you cash in on this trend? Marketing to them will enable your business to capture new incremental business through more frequency of purchasing from these consumers who are interested in buying from you in your own daily deal sales channel.

The ShoppeSimple Network program makes this easy to do

We provide the SaaS software to help you create, distribute and track deals to your consumers using our “Push The Button” marketing strategy. We enable you to do this daily with consumer permission.  For an affordable monthly subscription fee, we deliver our tools to you in less than 10 days without any additional start-up costs so you do not have to distract your IT development team. Your consumers then get daily offers on their homepage, Facebook, Twitter and mobile . . . wherever they want to receive them.  Really it is that easy.

Also key to our program is you determine the discount so you don’t have to give up a margin hit for every deal/coupon sold.   Now think about the sales potential to place daily deals or special offers or new arrivals in front of your consumers wherever they are on the web with you determining the selling margin where you’re not giving up a revenue split on every order.  Plus our program drives traffic to your website as all orders are completed in your shopping cart.

Through our sustaining social CRM engine you also capture for future use your consumer’s permission to place your daily offers on their homepage, their Facebook wall (not just your merchant wall but their consumer wall) or on their Twitter page or text to their mobile phone.

So ask yourself, do you currently have a social and mobile marketing strategy in place which is capturing any of these new social, or mobile enabled consumer permissions (homepage, Facebook, Twitter, mobile)?  Do you have a strategy in place that is maintaining permissions in a database which is permissioned by your consumer to send targeted social advertising to them in the future?

If not, you should be using the ShoppeSimple Network sustaining social CRM.

We have proven to our clients that we have raised average order values, increased order frequency, and/or bettered order conversion rates through our program.  And, we know The ShoppeSimple Network sales channel is guaranteed to add significant incremental sales revenue for your business (thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more depending on your business size).

But we want to earn your business and as such would like to propose a test so you can see and learn for yourself. It will take your IT team less than a ½ hour of time to install a simple tracking pixel and Push The Button code snippet and that’s it. We do all the rest and without any set-up cost to you.

So here is where we put our skin in the game…

Let’s do a 3-month test and we will guarantee that you will receive a return on your investment of at least 4 times any cost you pay us or the test is free.

Now to sweeten our offer even more, if you move fast, by July 31, we will waive any fees on The ShoppeSimple Network program for the first month of your trial.   So you SAVE an additional 33%!

You can start your ShoppeSimple Network trial by calling us at 612-349-2740 or by emailing me at jeff@shoppesimplenetwork.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.



Jeffery Giesener


ShoppeSimple Network


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