What Do Your Recruiting Peers Know?

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At 99.99% accuracy, 416 flights will crash at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport; over 400,000 prescriptions would be incorrectly filled; nearly 23,000 tax returns would be filed incorrectly; and 365 newborns would be dropped on their heads – every year.  In some industries, accuracy and reliability has life-and-death consequences.  In all industries peer learning is important and this is especially key for the Talent Acquisition Industry.

The Annual SourceMob Social and Mobile Recruiting Survey for 2015.

Our survey was designed to take a different approach as it is focused on informing and providing a higher level of education for the Talent Acquisition Industry.

In the survey, SourceMob conducted interviews within our target group of prospect Fortune 100 companies. During the interviews, we asked corporate and individual recruiters:

  • Whether their companies would be adding new recruiting technologies and when?
  • Whether they would enter and or expand their social and mobile recruiting presence in 2015 and why or why not?

Are You Locked On Your Own Knowledge Island?

We learned that a majority of recruiters are “locked in their own knowledge island” with little or no outside outreach as to the best practices around the topic of innovation, social and mobile recruiting best practices.

So it is our hope that through our 2015 Webinar Series, Recruiters will successfully receive a new level of Industry sharing around technological innovation coming to the Talent Acquisition market and the state of the social and mobile recruiting Industry.

Corporate Talent Communities

Salesforce.com™ is certainly the founding technology and backbone for sales CRM. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that this technology can be appropriately adapted for use in the HCM space. But the fact is that Talent Community growth is in its infancy and Candidate Campaign Management is not even on the radar screen of most recruiting pros.

Sorry from our survey we also learned that the ATS space is sorely lacking in the use of CRM Campaign Management tools.

Too bad because an Candidate Campaign Management solution will not only provide both passive and active candidates the ability to follow your jobs but the technology provides the valuable permissioned opt-in opportunity for your candidates to join your company’s branded Talent Community. This eliminates the need for cold calling and emailing to prospects you don’t know or whether they are even interested in your brand.

  • Do you know how many candidates come to your career pages and defect?
  • Did you know Talent Community engagement can dramatically lower this defection?

Candidates who apply to your positions but didn’t get hired obviously shouldn’t be ignored but in many cases unfortunately are. But the use of a Talent Community changes your recruiting leverage. It redirects your efforts and places the focus on recruiter to candidate communication engagement.

Candidates in your Talent Community are one of your most valuable corporate assets behind your employees.

Why because these candidates should be leveraged for future recruiting opportunities. This will quickly avoid unnecessary spending on outside recruiters and avoid redundant and expensive job board postings. Talent Community technology will also reduce your time to fill rate and provide additional organizational efficiencies for your company.

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