What Do Your Peers Know?

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO 2/28/14

Is getting a job done with 99 percent accuracy sufficient? In a given year, that ONE PERCENT error would cause 416 flights to crash at Atlanta­’s Hartsfield Airport, 400,000+ incorrect prescription refills, 23,000 tax return mistakes, and 365 newborns to be dropped on their heads.

In some industries, accuracy and reliability could mean life or death. In all industries, peer learning is important (especially in the talent acquisition industry).

PEER FINDINGS: The 2014 SourceMob Social and Mobile Recruiting Survey

Our survey was designed to take a different approach. It is focused on informing and providing a higher level of education for talent acquisition professionals.

Recently, SourceMob conducted interviews within our target group of prospect companies. During the interviews, we asked corporate and individual recruiters two questions:

  • Is your organization planning to add new recruiting technologies? If so, when?
  • Will you instigate and/or expand your social and mobile recruiting presence in 2014? Why or why not?

This is first of several posts outlining some of the interesting and surprising findings.

Are You Stranded On Your Own Knowledge Island?

We learned that a majority of recruiters are “stranded” on their own “knowledge island” with little or no outside influence from the exciting advancements in social and mobile recruitment.

In my next several articles, I will provide information on the latest recruiting technologies coming to the market.  In addition, I will deliver a thorough update on the state of the social and mobile recruiting industry.

Read on for more surprising findings. Why are they surprising? It is because very few recruiters today are focused on deploying these new innovative recruiting opportunities for their organizations.

Corporate Talent Communities

Salesforce.com™ is certainly the leader of sales CRM. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this kind of technology can be adapted for use in the HCM space. The fact is that Talent Community growth is in its infancy and HR Candidate Campaign Management (HRCRM) was not even on the radar screen of the recruiting pros that we talked to.

If you have not yet considered an HRCRM solution, you are missing out! This technology will give active and passive candidates the ability to follow your jobs and also provide an easy permissioned opt-in opportunity for your candidates to join your organization’s branded Talent Community. This will eliminate the need to cold call and email unfamiliar prospects that may not even be interested in your business.

Here are two questions to consider:

  • Do you know how many candidates come to your career pages(s) and defect?
  • Did you know that Talent Community engagement can dramatically lower defection?

Too often are highly qualified candidates ignored after applying to your positions. The use of a Talent Community will change this recruiting leverage. It redirects your efforts and places the focus on recruiter-to-candidate communication and engagement.

Candidates in your Talent Community are your most valuable corporate assets behind your employees. Why not ask your CFO? Your talent pipeline should be treated like money in the bank.
These candidates should be leveraged first for future hiring opportunities. This will help you avoid unnecessary spending on outside recruiters and expensive job board postings. Talent Community technology will also reduce your time-to-fill rate and provide your organization with additional administrative efficiencies.

Check back Monday for the Social Sourcing post!

At SourceMob, we guarantee that you will see a positive ROI from the affordable SourceMob Talent Acquisition Program. I am often asked how long it will take to see results. Our analytics will show you results within the first 30 days.

Why am I so confident in our solutions? Well, since 2010 we have not lost a single client.

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