TransactionalRSS – From News to Commerce

Ever have a radio you couldn’t turn off?  That’s advertising in our world today.  Sometimes it’s relevant, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes, someone’s shouts cut through the din and make you pay attention.  Most of the time, it’s just there — in signs and logos and banner ads and email blasts and TV spots and hyper-contextual social links and alerts from friends about their favorite brands.

The consumer doesn’t choose.  It’s simply there.

What would the model look like if you gave consumers back their rights to choose what they see?

First, you’d want to know when the best deals were happening.  And you’d want to check them out on your schedule, when you are interested in, say, a new summer dress or a nephew’s birthday present.

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to give up your name, address and email to get the deal — you shouldn’t have to — when you’re ready to buy, you’ll buy.  And you’ll get those offers  where and how you want them — in a browser, on the web, by email, in a mobile device, or through a social network.

That’s what ShoppeSimple has done with TransactionalRSS(tm). TransactionalRSS uses RSS technology in a consumer-friendly way to drive more on-line business. ShoppeSimple uses TransactionalRSS to take the user control, anonymity and platform independence of RSS to create a seamless, superior consumer shopping experience.

And when the consumer gets to choose when they’re paying attention, they’re more likely to buy.

Check out the first iteration of the ShoppeSimple experience at sites like Peruvian Connection and Botanic Choice. Look for the ShoppeSimple logo and click to visit the hub to see TransactionalRSS at work.

And watch for the new in the next few days.