The #1 Social Tool To Net Passive Candidates

…ideas from Jeffery Giesener – – CEO

How do you use email to net Candidates?

The answers from prospective clients were expected:

  1. Blank stares and “deer in the headlight” responses like sorry what are you asking me?
  2. Another said, we don’t readily have access to email addresses nor if we did, we would not have a way to send them an email campaign.
  3. And another said they had over 40,000 applicants in their pipeline and that they had never thought about going back out to them with an email contact.
  4. Last, but certainly least…one said we do email our Candidates. I asked how frequently and the response was well…not frequently enough.

Why am I a fan of email?

Well I started marketing with email back in 1994 when I asked consumers to like my website by giving me their email address. Does this sound like what Facebook does today with their Likes? You betcha! Yes (this also shares my age) and yes social marketing is more than 18 years old. It started with email capture.

Email has driven eCommerce sales for 18 years and now you should be using it to drive Candidate flow. Additionally, since the use of email recruiting is low cost compared to other recruiting channel expenses, there is no question that email recruiting will drive down your Cost Per Hire.

Email Has a Huge Audience

A study by says that 72 percent of people check their email more than 6 times per day. This means email is probably the most reliable way to get in touch with your Candidate audience (especially Passive ones).

Candidates Prefer Email

While Facebook is great for sharing jobs, conversations and connections and Twitter is awesome for tweeting jobs to followers, the Study shows that 77 percent of Candidates also prefer to receive permission-based commercial messages via social email. This also implies that end-users carry strict expectations about how they like to use the various technology platforms in which they engage. It is best not to violate those expectations.

Email Marketing Is Effective, But Do You Have a Candidate Email Database?

Do You Know How To Execute a Recruiting Email Campaign?

The first place to look for your Candidate’s email address is in your applicant pipeline. We met with a prospect who indicated that they had over 50,000 applicants in their pipeline but had never reconnected with them using email campaigns. So what is the state of your Candidate pipeline and your email campaign activity?

Another place to connect is to simply ask your Candidates for their email address to follow your jobs.

An even bigger opportunity is to work with your Marketing Department to ride along a jobs link inside their marketing emails to your company’s consumers. You may be shocked how this hidden opportunity can dramatically drive Candidate flow.

But the key in using email to drive Candidate traffic is to realize that it is a permission-based marketing opportunity. Candidates hold their emails dear and consider them opt-in. They only want to hear from companies they are interested in, permissioned and about jobs that are relevant to them.

Don’t fall into the trap of hitting your Candidate with a fire hose of jobs that are not relevant to them. Let them select the job category and locations of interest and then deliver a relevant email campaign to them. When you do, you will see how your Apply conversions will sky rocket. Plus your CFO will also see a positive ROI, which will make him/her happy too.

Additionally, SourceMob helps our clients develop, steer and execute their Candidate pipeline and social email campaigns, which provides a better Candidate application experience and ultimately drives higher Apply rates. 

I would welcome the opportunity to personally show you how SourceMob can net Passive and Active Candidates in some of the toughest recruiting areas (IT, Nursing, R&D, etc.) by helping you to reduce paying recruiting commissions, and lower your Cost Per Hire.

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