Talent Tips: Recruiting via Multiple Social Networks

STOP!  Ask yourself: Does my organization spend enough time distributing jobs to social pages?  

Look around. There is not just one social portal that impacts recruiting. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Indeed and the major search engines are all having an impact on referring candidates to your jobs.

In fact, social media is growing at an exponential rate – from Twitter to blogs to customer reviews, recommendations, and last but certainly not least, YouTube. All of these social communication platforms are having a supercharged effect on how candidates interact, find your jobs and apply to them.

What does this mean for your organization?

  • Does it mean you can apply the same “old school” methods to recruiting? …NO!
  • Does it mean you will force candidates to return to your Career website to view your jobs? ….NO!

Where should your recruiting strategy go next?

  • You need constantly place your jobs in social and mobile networks (where your candidates are).
  • You need to provide tools for candidates that enable 2-way conversation with your recruiters.
  • You need to give passive candidates easy ways to follow your jobs through career alerts, talent communities and engagement campaigns.