Talent Acquisition and Millennials, how are they finding you?

…HR ideas from Jeffery Giesener – SourceMob – CEO

In his recently published book Real Time Marketing by David Meerman Scott, he writes:

“You can engage some of the people in real time some of the time. You can engage desktop-computer users when they are at their desks. Sometimes you can engage laptop users when they are at Starbucks. But only when users go mobile can you engage all of the people all of the time.”

That is why leveraging mobile devices for talent acquisition is the fastest growing opportunity in terms of real time two-way engagement and hiring conversion.

This means the use of mobile has massive implications for talent acquisition leadership around the globe. A company’s ability to contact and engage with candidates in real time on their mobile devices is unprecedented and, frankly, should be at the forefront of your 2014 talent acquisition strategies.

Are Your Recruiting Strategies Mobile and Social Friendly?
The majority of mobile-friendly job seekers are searching for their next job using their mobile devices. Google reported in 2013 that more than 70% of job searches were being done through mobile devices. If that many of your potential candidates are searching for your jobs on mobile, you should probably evaluate the candidate mobile experience on your career site.

Ask yourself:
•Do candidates have to pinch and zoom to look for my jobs?
•Can they directly apply to jobs from their mobile devices?

Don’t forget about the use of mobile job postings on all of the social portals! For example, 78% of Facebook users, 50% of Twitter users, 60% of Google+ users, and 30% of LinkedIn users are on mobile.

Connecting with your top talent – especially the 25-34 age demographic – through mobile and social media will establish connecting points to attract high-value passive candidates. If you are not focused on mobile and social, your top-tier candidates are escaping your recruiting net and moving to your competitors.

If you are thinking: Our well-known brand attracts all the candidates we need! …then you should ask yourself:
•Do you have requisitions that have not been filled?
•Have you had difficulty recruiting in niche positions like technology, nursing/physicians, hospitality, sales and more?
•What is your average hiring cycle? Do you want to improve it?

To address the above issues, your mobile recruitment strategies must be social media-friendly.

Now is the time to put mobile and social talent acquisition technology in place so that you don’t lose your best talent and ding your brand! But why now? Because talent acquisition studies have proven that candidates are looking for companies that are meeting them on their social and mobile terms.

Bottom Line: Be sure that every job listing, career site link, or external piece of information on your career site is mobile-responsive and the posts that you distribute to social networking sites can be accessed through mobile.

I would be happy to have a phone or email discussion with you regarding the above or to talk about where you are going with mobile and social talent acquisition in 2014.

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